Benefits of Becoming a CPE Accredited Provider

The intent of the Continuing Professional Education Provider Accreditation program is to recognize CPE providers that have met CDR's CPE Standards.

Benefits include:

  • by CDR, dietetics professionals, and state dietetic licensure agencies as a provider that meets CDR's Standards for continuing professional education.
Enhanced practitioner satisfaction…
  • by targeting activities to address practitioners' learning interests, which will be identified and given to CPE providers in a complimentary annual report.
  • by offering certificates of completion, which meets state licensure and CDR recertification requirements.
Marketing opportunities…
  • with exposure to a market of over 65,000 credentialed dietetics professionals.
  • through promotion of individual CPE activities in the CDR CPE Database, which is available to practitioners via mail, fax, phone, and online.
  • as a CPE Accredited Provider on CDR's Web site.
  • by approval to use the CDR CPE Provider Accreditation logo while marketing CPE activities and materials.
Streamlined process…
  • with a brief CPE provider application process only every 3 years.
  • by eliminating the requirement to submit individual CPE programs for CDR approval.

CPE Provider Accreditation Information