CDR's office building is currently experiencing an electrical service interrruption. Electrical service will be restored on Monday, May 29th at 6:00 AM CT.

During this timeframe you will not be able to access your Step 3: Learning Plan, or your Step 4: Activity Log.

Special Notice for practitioners scheduled to recertify May 31, 2017: If you have not yet done so, remember that your Step 3: Learning Plan for the cycle ending 2017 must be submitted to CDR on or before May 31st. Do not delay submitting your Learning Plan. Although all learning activities must be completed on or before May 31, 2017, your Step 4: Activity Log can be submitted by June 30, 2017 at the latest.

Benefits of Becoming a CPE Accredited Provider

The intent of the Continuing Professional Education Provider Accreditation program is to recognize CPE providers that have met CDR's CPE Standards.

Benefits include:

  • by CDR, dietetics professionals, and state dietetic licensure agencies as a provider that meets CDR's Standards for continuing professional education.
Enhanced practitioner satisfaction…
  • by targeting activities to address practitioners' learning interests, which will be identified and given to CPE providers in a complimentary annual report.
  • by offering certificates of completion, which meets state licensure and CDR recertification requirements.
Marketing opportunities…
  • with exposure to a market of over 65,000 credentialed dietetics professionals.
  • through promotion of individual CPE activities in the CDR CPE Database, which is available to practitioners via mail, fax, phone, and online.
  • as a CPE Accredited Provider on CDR's Web site.
  • by approval to use the CDR CPE Provider Accreditation logo while marketing CPE activities and materials.
Streamlined process…
  • with a brief CPE provider application process only every 3 years.
  • by eliminating the requirement to submit individual CPE programs for CDR approval.

CPE Provider Accreditation Information