Because clinical nutrition is who you are not just what you do.
The perfect opportunity to advance your credential has arrived:
CDR Advanced Practitioner Certification in Clinical Nutrition

The Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) is offering an advanced practitioner certification in clinical nutrition for registered dietitians with four or more years of clinical nutrition practice. Apply NOW for the April 2018 examination window!

Applications for April 2018 examination window are due March 2, 2018.

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Accredited Provider FAQs

Question: What is the intent of CPE Provider Accreditation?

Answer: The intent of the Continuing Professional Education Provider Accreditation Program is to recognize continuing professional education providers that have met CDR's CPE Standards.

Question: What are the requirements for CPE Provider Accreditation?

Answer: Twelve Standards are being proposed and they include:

  • The mission of the CPE Provider is consistent with CDR’s content criteria for Continuing Professional Education.
  • Prior Approval requests submitted from other organizations must be directed To CDR.
  • The activities are based on an identified learning need of CDR Credentialed Practitioners.
  • Explicit educational objectives or intended learning outcomes are prepared.
  • Qualified personnel plan and conduct CPE activities of high quality.
  • Content and instructional methods are appropriate for the educational objectives or learning outcomes.
  • The level of the activity is identified, as described by CDR.
  • The educational objectives or learning outcomes of the activities are assessed.
  • The activity is evaluated.
  • A certificate of attendance or completion is provided to the learner and records of attendance are maintained for seven (7) years.
  • Policies are established related to commercial support and full disclosure.
  • Accreditation Standards are consistently followed.

Question: How long is the CPE Provider Accreditation period?

Answer: Currently, it is proposed that CPE providers will be accredited for a period of three (3) years. At that time, providers will need to resubmit an application for re-accreditation.

Question: What are the benefits of CPE Provider Accreditation?

Answer: The benefits of CPE Provider Accreditation include:
  • Recognition by CDR, dietetics professionals, and state dietetic licensure agencies as a provider that meets CDR's CPE Standards for continuing professional education.
  • Enhanced practitioner satisfaction by targeting activities to address practitioners' learning interests, which will be identified and given to providers in a complimentary annual report and by offering certificates of completion, which meets state licensure and CDR recertification requirements.
  • Marketing opportunities with exposure to a market of over 90,000 credentialed dietetics professionals, through promotion of individual CPE activities in the CDR CPE Database, as an accredited provider on CDR's Web site, and by approval to use the CDR provider accreditation logo while marketing CPE activities and materials.
  • New streamlined process with a brief provider application process only every three (3) years and by eliminating the requirement to submit individual CPE activities for CDR approval.

Question: One of the standards requires that activities be based on an identified learning need of dietetics professionals. How will providers meet this requirement?

Answer: Each year CDR CPE Accredited Providers will receive a complimentary annual report of dietetics practitioners learning interests. The data will be provided by state and by areas of professional interest. Use of these data in planning CPE activities or materials meets this standard. Providers are also encouraged to collect and utilize learning interests and needs data to develop CPE activities and materials.

Question: One of the standards requires that providers attach policies related to full disclosure and commercial support. How will providers meet this requirement?

Answer: Providers can attach policies regarding disclosing, in advance, any potential conflicts of interest including any source of compensation related to the activity or materials. A sample policy is included in the CPE Provider Accreditation Handbook for reference.

Question: Are CPE Providers that offer continuing professional education activities for dietetics professionals required to become CPE Accredited Providers?

Answer: No. Participation in the CPE Provider Accreditation Program is voluntary.

Question: Must dietetics professionals attend activities that are offered by CDR CPE Accredited Providers to receive credit for the professional development?

Answer: No. By grounding the Professional Development Portfolio process in professional practice, the professional assumes responsibility for selecting learning activities that have a direct relationship to that practice. CDR's role then shifts from approving or denying CPE activities to one of providing the tools for self-directed learning, verifying that each step in the process has been completed and meets minimum guidelines.

Question: Will CDR continue the prior approval process?

Answer: The evaluation of CPE activities for CDR Credentialed Practitioners on a prior approval basis is a shared responsibility between CDR and the affiliate dietetic association CPE review chair/committee.

The prior approval process will be available for affiliates that do not wish to participate in the CPE Provider Accreditation process. This process is of great benefit to CDR and the affiliate because the affiliate is aware of activities, speakers, and sponsors offering continuing professional education in their state. In addition, affiliates will receive a complimentary annual report (including geographic specific data) describing the learning interests of dietetics professionals.

Question: What should CPE Providers, who only offer one to two activities per year, do?

Answer: If a CPE provider offers only one to two activities annually and elects not to become a CDR CPE Accredited Provider, CPE providers could submit individual activities to the affiliate reviewer for prior approval. State affiliates cannot grant CDR CPE Accredited Provider status.
If a activity is held in multiple states or the state in which the activity is being held does not have a CPE reviewer, activities should be submitted to CDR if prior approval is desired. Materials (e.g., self-study, online courses, videotapes) should also be submitted to CDR if prior approval is desired. CDR will not charge a fee for prior approval of activities.

Question: Will CDR continue the subsequent approval process?

Answer: CDR has discontinued the requirement for subsequent approval. CDR embraces the philosophy of lifelong learning encouraged in Academy's Standard of Professional Practice and directed towards professional development, personal enhancement, and quality of care improvement. It believes that the Professional Development Portfolio supports the dietetics professional taking responsibility for his or her own professional development.

CDR's role then shifts from approving or denying CPE activities to one of providing the tools for self-directed learning, verifying that each step in the process has been completed and meets minimum guidelines.

Question: Why must the records of attendance be kept for seven (7) years?

Answer: Practitioners use CPE activities for both CDR recertification and licensure, so records of their attendance at activities should be kept by the CPE provider for the duration of a recertification period and allowing adequate time for review. If a practitioner misplaces this documentation, he or she can receive documentation of his or her attendance or completion of a CPE activity in a timely manner.

Question: Is there a charge to be a CPE Accredited Provider as an affiliate?

Answer: No. There will not be a charge for CPE Provider Accreditation for affiliates who become Accredited Providers and Approvers of CPE (available only to Academy affiliate organizations). CDR recognizes the tremendous service provided by affiliates as approvers of CPE and, because there are resources dedicated to reviewing activities, affiliates can implement a fee for this service. There will be an application fee and annual maintenance fee for other providers.

There is an application fee ($250.00) and an annual maintenance fee ($300.00) for all other providers.

Question: When will affiliates and other providers be able to apply for CPE Provider Accreditation?

Answer: CPE Provider Accreditation is available. Click here for more information