Congratulations to the Newly Credentialed Advanced Practitioners in Clinical Nutrition (RDN-AP, RD-AP)


Allison Beck
Kayla Bridges
Patricia Brown
Hinda Burstein
Tina Colaizzo-Anas
Laura Disharoon
Danielle Duggan
Georgia Giannopoulos
Shannon Goff
Christy Jackson
Amy Jones
Rebecca Kerkenbush
Mary Leicht
Monica Nagle
Sara O’Brien
Nancy Park
Michele Rager
Teresa Rodriguez
Joseph Schiera
Kayle Skorupski
Beth Taylor
Marianne Wetherill

Advanced Practice Certification in Clinical Nutrition List by State


"By obtaining the credential of RD-AP, I feel even more well-respected by my colleagues, and I have the opportunity now to be able to increase my responsibilities in my position as clinical dietitian."

"Advanced practice certification in clinical nutrition provides me with the credentials to further my career as a researcher and clinician by recognizing my authority as an expert in nutrition assessment, diagnosis, and therapy.  Because my colleagues include physicians and other public health academics, the RDN-AP credential highlights my ability to provide an integrated, unique perspective on the planning of clinical interventions to improve population health."

"The Advanced Practice Certification in Clinical Nutrition recognizes my years of experience applying the Nutrition Care Process to a diverse patient population. It signifies that I possess the critical thinking skills and clinical judgement necessary to help patients with a variety of medical conditions and to be a resource for other Registered Dietitians."

"As the Chief Clinical Dietitian in a trauma facility, obtaining the Advanced Practice Certification in Clinical Nutrition has helped put a title to the unending work and research required to keep up to date on the many facets of clinical nutrition care and ensure that those are being accurately and appropriately applied for the optimum health and well-being of our patients."

"Advance Practice Clinician means evidence.  Evidence that my years of experience and garnered expertise set me apart from other clinicians.  Evidence that my leadership capacity is distinct.  Evidence that my profession acknowledges and appreciates personal pursuits of distinction." 


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