Advanced Practice Certification in Clinical Nutrition Recertification

At the end of the advanced certification in clinical nutrition  five-year certification period, certificants who wish to recertify must be a current Registered Dietitian with the CDR and:

  • Successfully complete an eligibility application – including documenting 800 clinical nutrition practice hours within the past two years (from the application deadline). 
  • Submit an application  and examination fee
  • Successfully complete the Advanced Practice Certification in Clinical Nutrition Examination

The requirements for recertification will be the same independent of the initial route of eligibility.

The reasoning for requiring recertification testing is that the Advanced Practice Certification in Clinical Nutrition is a practice credential, a credential that represents to the public that the certificant possesses the knowledge, skills and experience to function effectively in advanced practice clinical nutrition.  The nature of the knowledge and skills to practice at an advanced practice level is subject to change due to technological and scientific advances. Recertification testing helps to provide continuing assurance that the certificant has indeed maintained their knowledge in the advanced practice clinical nutrition area.