Advanced Practice Certification in Clinical Nutrition

Testimonials continued...

"The Advanced Practice in Clinical Nutrition certification acknowledges and recognizes those registered dietitians that demonstrate the necessary knowledge and skills to perform at an advanced level. This level of expertise brings value to the consumer and the employer."

"I hope this certification will help distinguish clinical dietitians as advanced practitioners, similar to other allied healthcare professionals.  I look forward to what the future holds for our profession."

"I am proud to be a Registered Dietitian. Advanced certifications establish a process that validates a high level of expertise not only for the individual but for our entire profession."

"I use my knowledge, skills, and experience to provide individualized nutrition care. As a food and nutrition expert, I collaborate with an interdisciplinary team to enhance patient care and the patient experience."

"The Advanced Practice level Certification means application of knowledge in a way that influences patients, healthcare professionals and/or organizations to have a positive impact on any person that I work with.  Furthermore as a mentor/preceptor I take on the leadership role within my department to educate our new dietitians and dietetic interns."