Because clinical nutrition is who you are not just what you do.
The perfect opportunity to advance your credential has arrived:
CDR Advanced Practitioner Certification in Clinical Nutrition

The Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) is offering an advanced practitioner certification in clinical nutrition for registered dietitians with four or more years of clinical nutrition practice. Apply NOW for the April 2018 examination window!

Applications for April 2018 examination window are due March 2, 2018.

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Essential Practice Competencies Information For Accredited Providers


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Accredited Program Provider Informational Toolkit

CDR has developed an information toolkit to aid accredited providers in understanding the transition to the competency-based PDP process. Click here to access the toolkit.


Your PDP and Practice Competencies: What’s Next and What’s in It for You? webinar

This webinar provides detailed information about the competency-based process. Click here to access the webinar.
For upcoming webinar information, and to register, please click here.


Essential Practice Competencies Introduction Video

CDR has produced this information video which will give you an overview of the Professional Development Portfolio, now featuring Essential Practice Competencies. Click here to watch the video.



A demo version of the Goal Wizard that will allow you to experience the Goal Wizard process before you begin a competency-based cycle so that you have an idea of how this process helps you develop and submit your Step 1 Learning Plan. Please note: this is not where one will complete their actual learning plan. Click here to access the Dream Wizard.

Goal Wizard Tutorial Presentation

Watch this informational tutorial presentation on the CDR Goal Wizard tool, which will help the formation of the Step 1: Learning Plan on the PDP featuring Essential Practice Competencies. Click here to access the tutorial.


CDR Practice Competencies: Opportunities For Accredited Providers Presentation

CDR has prepared this comprehensive presentation on the new PDP with Essential Practice Competencies, changing from Learning Need Codes (LNCs), and how it will affect your. Click here to watch the presentation.


Frequently Asked Questions

An FAQ to address the most commonly asked questions about the competency-based process. Click here for the FAQ.


Essential Practice Competencies for CDR Credentialed Nutrition and Dietetics Practitioners publication

This is a publication that provides detailed information about the competency-based process. Click here to access the publication.


Competency-based Learning Plan Examples

Examples of competency-based Learning Plans for both RDNs or RDs and NDTRs or DTRs. Click here to access the examples.


General Competency Information

Here you will find background information on the development of the CDR Essential Practice Competencies. Click here to access the page.


FNCE 2013 Competencies Session

A recording of an informational session from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics FNCE 2013 that provides an overview the competency-based initiative: Click here to access the recording.