Because clinical nutrition is who you are not just what you do.
The perfect opportunity to advance your credential has arrived:
CDR Advanced Practitioner Certification in Clinical Nutrition

The Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) is offering an advanced practitioner certification in clinical nutrition for registered dietitians with four or more years of clinical nutrition practice. Apply NOW for the April 2018 examination window!

Applications for April 2018 examination window are due March 2, 2018.

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Annual Registration Maintenance Fee Billing and Due Dates

How to Pay Your CDR Registration Maintenance Fee Video (Length: 3 minutes and 25 seconds)

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For the past 47 years, the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) has remained steadfast to its mission of protecting the public by attesting to the professional competence of dietetics practitioners.[see more]

CDR prides itself on the accomplishments of the past and is committed to the continued provision of optimal services to benefit the public and credentialed practitioners, as well as to enhance the profession. The maintenance fee not only provides registration services for all registered professionals, but also is the primary source of funding for CDR's program of work. It is used to finance ongoing CDR operations, and new programs, products and services designed to enhance the skills, credibility and marketplace perception of the entire dietetics profession.

Annual registration maintenance fees notices sent to RDNs* RDs* and NDTRs** DTRs**

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Registration maintenance fee notices sent to current RDNs* RDs* and NDTRs** DTRs**

June - August 31
$60 registration maintenance fee payment due to CDR

Late Fee Schedule

  • September 1 to October 31
    $25 Late Fee
    $85 Total Due ($60 annual registration fee plus $25 late fee)

  • November 1 to December 31
    $50 Late Fee
    $110 Total Due   ($60 annual registration fee plus $50 late fee)

  • January 1 to March 31
    $200 Late Fee
    $260 Total Due ($60 annual registration fee plus $200 late fee)


CDR has launched a new app, MyCDRGo, which will allow you to make a payment using your smartphone. Learn more

Termination of Registration
On April 1 registered status will be terminated, if the $260 payment is not received and processed by March 31. In 2014, CDR revised the non-payment policy. Effective April 1, 2015 and thereafter, all former RDNs*, RDs*, NDTRs** amd DTRs** who are dropped for non-payment (beginning in 2015), have two (2) options to regain registered status:

  • Successfully complete the Registration Examination for Dietitians or Dietetic Technicians, or
  • pay a $200 late fee for each year that registered status was terminated, and all past registration maintenance fees, as long as all recertification requirements are up-to-date, and verified by CDR.

Voluntary Termination
If you voluntarily choose to terminate your registered status, you need to notify CDR by email at or mail (CDR, 120 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 2000, Chicago, IL 60606-6995). Be sure to include your identification number and specify your reason for voluntarily dropping your registration, (Retired, Not Currently Practicing, Employer Does Not Require Credential, formerly a NDTR**, became an RDN*, or Other).

New RDNs* and NDTRs** ….are billed $60.00 for the CDR registration maintenance fee notice approximately 10 days after passing the registration examination.  CDR registration maintenance fee notices are sent via email, if email address is on record, or by USPS (first class mail). 

Once in receipt of the CDR registration maintenance fee notice, please click here to pay your CDR fee. Click here for instructions to pay online. You can also call 800/877-1600, ext. 5500 (8am to 5pm, central time) to pay this fee by using a credit card.  The $25 late fee will be applied to the unpaid balances after the 60th day.  Registered status will be terminated on the 241st day after initial registration, if the registration maintenance fee and late fee not paid.

Once your registration maintenance fee payment has been processed and posted to your record, a new CDR identification card is mailed within 2-3 weeks.

*Please note the RDN and RD are two credential designation options for one certification program. Practitioners may choose to use one or the other. For more information, click here
**Please note the NDTR and DTR are two credential designation options for one certification program. Practitioners may choose to use one or the other. For more information, click here.