The Commission on Dietetic Registration is happy to present the “paperless” registration maintenance fee notification option.  Instead of receiving your CDR registration maintenance fee notice through the mail, you can choose to receive a series of email notifications.  Please review the two (2) options and select your preference for how you would like to receive your annual CDR fee notice and reminders in the future. 

Once you click the link below, you will need to:

  • Type in your Login and Password.
  • You will be on “My CDR” page, with a box showing your credential information.  Below you will see a navigation bar.
  • Click $ CDR Fees
  • Click Here for Fee Notice Options.
  • Select your preference; i.e., Option 1 or Option 2.  (Please read each Option description carefully.)
  • Bottom of page click Update my preference.

If you select the “paperless” - Option 1, it is extremely important that you have and maintain a primary e-mail address on your CDR record at all times.  If your company has a firewall that will block emails from, you will have to change your work/primary email address to your personal email.

Option 2:  CDR will continue to mail your CDR registration maintenance fee notice to your address that is reported on CDR’s database. 

If neither option is selected, your CDR registration maintenance fee notice is mailed.

CDR will email reminder notices to your throughout the registration maintenance fee renewal period;  July – March.  Reminders will cease after your fee has successfully been processed.

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