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Additional information regarding Registration ID Cards

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DTR Credential Placement

Professional Credential

When using your credential you must follow the guidelines:

The recommended order of listed credentials for Nutrition and Dietetics Technician, Registered (NDTR) or Dietetic Technician, Registered (DTR) is:

  • Academic degree (AS, AA, BS, BA, MS, MBA, PhD, EdD)
  • NDTR or DTR
  • Licensure designation, if applicable
  • Other certifications (e.g. SNS, CFSP, etc.)

Examples of proper and improper use:


Proper Use

J. White, BS, NDTR
E. Jones, BS, DTR
S. Black, AS, NDTR
R. Clark, AS, DTR
R. White, AA, DTR, LD
L. Cline, MS, DTR, LD
E. Smith, BA, NDTR
J. Smith, MBA, DTR, LD

Improper Use

J. White, NDTR, BS
E. Jones, DTR, BS
S. Black, NDTR, AS
R. Clark, DTR, AS
R. White, LD, DTR, AA
L. Cline, DTR, LD, MS
E. Smith, NDTR, BA
J. Smith, DTR, MBA, LD

Verbal or Written Text

When referring to your certification status in written text or verbally, the phrase to be used is Nutrition and Dietetics Technician, Registered or Dietetic Technician, Registered.

For example, an introduction of a speaker might read:

  • Ann Apple is a Nutrition and Dietetics Technician, Registered
  • Ann Apple is a Dietetic Technician, Registered

A resume might include (Special Qualifications):

  • Nutrition and Dietetics Technician, Registered
  • Dietetic Technician, Registered

Questions regarding the use of the certifications should be directed to CDR 1-800/877-1600, ext. 5500 or