Professional Development Portfolio

The PDP Guide has been newly optimized exclusively for PDF viewing and use. All links that appear inside are active, including Page links, such as those found in the Table of Contents. Steps 1, 2, and 5 are able to be completed and saved within this electronic document. The PDP Guide is being shared on this website so that all current and new dietetics practitioners can have easy access to the PDP Guide.

Click here for the 2014-2019 Professional Development Portfolio Guide

Click here for the 2015-2020 Professional Development Portfolio Guide

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The Learning Plan is to be submitted no later than 120 days after completing your first activity on your current 5 year recertification cycle. Please see our 120 Day Calculation Chart to see when you will need to submit your Learning Plan.

Click here for an interactive Flash presentation that explains the PDP Process

Below you will find examples of completed PDP forms. These have been filled out with respect to practitioners of varied career paths, including those not currently employed in the field of dietetics. First we will present three examples of the entire PDP process, then specific examples for each of the five steps.

Steps 1-5

Complete PDP Process
Practitioner Examples

Step One

Professional Self-Reflection
Practitioner Examples

Step Two Learning Needs Assessment
Practitioner Examples
Step Three Learning Plan
Practitioner Examples Ethics Requirements for Recertification

Instructions for Online Entry of Learning Plan
Step Four

Activity Log
Practitioner Examples

CPEU Rollover
New Activity Type:  Recorded Pre-Approved CPE

Instructions for Online Entry of Activity Log

Step Five Learning Plan Evaluation
Practitioner Examples
Background of the Portfolio Project
Benefits of the Portfolio
For Further Reading
Step 3: Blank Forms
Step 4: Blank Forms
Sponsored Independent Learning Contract

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