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Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management Program Testimonials


“I have been effectively helping individuals lose weight for years, but by attending this program my knowledge base on the evidence based strategies for effective weight management has expanded considerably.  I recommend anyone working with individuals seeking to lose weight for any reason would become more effective in supporting your clients after attending this program.”

  Sandie Lynch MS, RDN, LDN
Business Owner
Frederick, Maryland


“So worth it! This program was an amazing bridge helping individuals from all backgrounds and specialties to come together to learn the best methods for weight management. I would highly recommend this Certificate of Training Program to anyone wanting to add more "tools" to their "toolbox". The field of nutrition is always advancing, and this program was a great way to stay in the loop and up to date.”

Katlyn Frye, MS, RD, CPT
Clinical Outpatient Dietitian (Bariatrics)
 Winchester, VA

“This program was taught by seasoned professionals, expert RDNs, in the specialty of weight management. I know - because I have practiced in this area for more than 20 years, reading the science, following the experts and guiding patients through behavior change. I've had the amazing opportunity to work in multi-disciplinary weight management programs, develop programs and coordinate pharmaceutical studies on EVERY drug for obesity treatment that has "come down the pike" over the last 20 - 25 years. Over the years, my experience in obesity has been rich. Yet, I learned more from faculty that taught this certification course; it was enriching. Thank you.”

Kathy McFalls, RDN
Clinical Nutritionist, Kaiser Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic Region
Largo, MD

“This program is essential if you are working in a field to help your patients with weight loss. This program will help you help your patients succeed.”

    Miranda Hayden, RD, CSR 
Newport News, VA




“One of the most informative trainings I've attended! This training gave me access to some of the leading experts in our field regarding management of overweight and obese patients. They provided current up to date research, treatments and guidelines as well as practical implementation of this information.  I highly encourage all RDs and DTRs to attend! This went beyond my expectations! All I can say is WOW!”

    Jaime Avila MS, RD, CSG 
Clinical Dietitian  

“A training you will cherish for a long time.  Very detailed and information presented in a very professional manner.  Excellent networking opportunities with other participants.”

    Comfort Ogbunamiri, MS, RDN, FAND   
Los Angeles, CA

“The program was a wonderful opportunity to update current practices while learning about new and future research. I met a wide variety of dietitians working in different fields that provided me with insight in to how to improve my practice and skills. Overall great experience.”

     Jocelyn Smith, RD
Outpatient Dietitian
Reno, NV

“This program far exceeded my expectations. It provided an abundance of weight-management information as well as motivational interviewing information that both enhanced my knowledge base and improved my confidence in helping future clients.”

    Kristi Edwards, MS, RDN, LDN, CLC
Clinical Dietitian 
Memphis, TN

“Well worth the time and expense to attend this excellent certificate program.”
Diane May MS, RD, CDN
Scarsdale, NY
“This is a great program.  I learned some new information that I was able to apply during the program in active role-playing sessions. “

Catherine Page, RD
  Southbridge, Massachusetts
“The Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management Program was very informative and provided me with information I can use in my everyday practice. I would highly recommend this program!”
Rachel Rubin, RD, LDN
Outpatient Registered Dietitian
 Glen Rock, NJ
“Informative and inspiring.”

Simone Nicolas, MS, RDN, CDN  
Corporate Director of Culinary Services
Valley Stream, NY
“This certification really allowed me to gain more perspective on how to be a better counselor and dietitian. The speakers were tremendous and enthusiastic about the information they presented which made learning fun and easy.”
Jessica Murgueytio, MS, RD, CDE
  Clinical Dietitian, Bethesda Medical
Bethesda, MD
“The Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management Program has allowed me to build an even greater understanding of how I can help my clients achieve and maintain their current health and wellness goals. While taking this course, I became more aware of what is the most appropriate individualized nutrition prescription for each client that walks through my door. The Behavior Modification and Dietary Supplement sessions were most beneficial to expand my professional education as a dietitian. Since finishing this course, I have been very eager to get back to work and help guide my clients to their personal nutrition and physical activity goals in order to better their well-being.”   

Emily Newton, RDN, LN 
  Aberdeen, SD

“This program is well rounded, incredibly informative and has made me feel more confident while working with my patients to help them set and meet their personal weight loss/management goals!”
Shelly Brogni, RD, LD
Clinical Dietitian
Eagan, MN
“This training truly honed in on what you need to know to feel competent in delivering weight management advice. The speakers were professional and funny, so you didn't get bored with the lecture type format. Worth every penny, I highly recommend!”
Lisa Debits, RDN
Denver, CO

“I attended one of the first sessions. At the time it was excellent. It is more than excellent now. Excellent presentation, materials, quality for the future of obesity management. Well done!”  
J. Speer, RD
Los Osos, CA

“Excellent job. I was glad to be in attendance! Thank you for a wonderful experience!”
J. Farar, MS, RDN
Clinical Outpatient
Farmington, NM

“Though I have been in practice for 10 years, this training gave me a fresh and exciting perspective on guiding my clients to work within themselves in effort to drive their behavior change. It also increased my understanding of how our body works through the weight gain and weight loss process and why it can be so difficult to maintain weight loss.  Thank you!”  
K. Raetzsch, RD
Fredericksburg, VA
“This was a great program and I’m happy I attended.”
T. Therien, RD
Outpatient Nutrition

Somerville, MA
 “Thank you to everyone involved for putting this valuable program together for us!”
C. Brennan, MA, RDN
Good Nutrition Dietitian
Cocoa, FL

“Very informative and refreshing to be surrounded by such passionate individuals.”
Case Manager, Healthy Hearts

Bethel, AK
“Overall I think the information and knowledge gained in the program will help me to fine tune my approach to adult weight management counseling.”
N. Cousino, RD, LD
Clinical Dietitian

Napoleon, OH

“I am sad that it had to end. I feel that this helped to validate my practice – things that I am already doing – as well as improve and refine other aspects of what I do.”
C. Calvin, MS RD LD
Patient Educator

Albuquerque, NM
“This certificate program was well worth the financial and time investment. As an RDN in academia, I appreciated the evidence-based information presented and the clinical applications.”
F. Lewis, DRPH MS RD
Director, Didactic Program in Dietetics

Huntsville, AL

“It was an excellent program to keep nutritionists abreast in the latest information on the area of weight management and consequently hone our skills.”
A. Valentine, RDN, CDN
Clinical Nutrition Manager

Towanda, PA
”Very informative and empowering!“
S. Devaraj, MS, RD, LDN
Renal Dietitian
Pittsburgh, PA

“The program gave a great overview of weight management for obesity treatment.  I will use many of assessment and communication skills learned when I return to work with my diabetic patients, especially behavior management to promote change.”
C. Moran, RD, RN, CDE, CDN
Diabetes Educator
New York, NY
“Great program! Very beneficial to my practice.”
G. Carbonello, RD
Registered Dietitian
Toms River, NJ
“Great training overall, thank you for all of the great information!”
S. Pappas, RD
Retail Registered Dietitian
Hoboken, NJ
“Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing up-to-date material and real-world suggestions and advice for dietitians who are passionate about making a difference in their clients’ lives.”
J. Siebenmorgen, MS, RD, LD
Corporate Wellness Dietitian
Conway, AR
 “Overall, this is the BEST, most useful conference/program I’ve attended. I feel I gleaned very useful skills and resources to improve my effectiveness as a dietitian.”
E. Ringwald, RD, LDN
Private Practice
Limerick, PA
“Great workshop. Looking forward to Level 2 and Adolescent!”
L. Griffith, MPH, RDN
Program Coordinator/Professor
Port St. Lucie, FL
“It was wonderful to network and share ideas on weight management with dietitians in the various avenues of dietetics.”
J. Wood, RD, LDN
Retail Dietitian
West Grove, PA

“I’m glad I finally got to attend this training! I’m impressed that I recognize the skills I’ve gained in various jobs were taught to me by people that attended this conference too, and it’s nice to get a comprehensive review to solidify my professional toolkit.”
M. Olson, CD
Community Nutritionist

Brooklyn, NY
“I love the holistic approach to weight management emphasized in this course.  I learned so much about the physiological, behavioral, environmental, and genetic determinants leading to overweight and obesity!”
J. Vitale, RDN
Renal Dietitian

Cliffwood Beach, NJ

“Even though I have specialized in weight management for several years, this program enhanced my knowledge and skills with very practical clinical tools and resources.”
J. Koopmans, RD
Alberta, Canada
”Because I primarily work in the clinical setting, my experience in weight management counseling has been limited. This training provided me with the framework to implement behavioral modification counseling to patients who are interested in weight loss. “
D. Altamirano, RD
Clinical Dietitian, Private Practice
Los Angeles, CA 

“The Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management Program was extremely informative on up to date information, including social media (yay)! The program inspired me to target schools’ unhealthy fundraising materials coming into our homes and increase my community’s knowledge of physical activity!”
K. Cooper, Personal Trainer, RD
Charlottesville, VA

”I flew halfway across the world for this program.  And I have had a review of the basics, reinforcement of my practice, picked up some tools, learned strategies and created networks. Most importantly, I have learned to not give up hope for my patients. “
Zareena Rizwana, RD
Scarborough, Canada

“I feel so motivated to change around my current strategies for goal setting and engaging my patients on their care/goals. I feel as though I will have an easier time monitoring and evaluating their progress.”
J. Hicks, MBA, RD, LDN
Registered Dietitian
Skokie, IL

“The Certificate in Training in Adult Weight Management provided an enthusiastic, integrative approach applicable to every field of dietetics.  I feel more confident in my scope of practice and marketing myself as the nutrition expert.”
A. Monaco MS, RDN
Nutrition Manager, School & Summer
Columbus, OH
“What a fabulous training!!! To be trained in the latest research on obesity by experts! And then to collaborate with my RD peers - an experience I’ll treasure!”
T. Walker RD
Ripley, WV
“I felt overall the program was excellent and introduced new information on weight reduction & management.  Thorough and informative.”
M. Z. Bashir RD
Registered Dietician
Jackson, MI
Click here for additional testimonials.