Medical Complications and Pharmacotherapy

Laura Andromalos, MS, RD, CDE

Laura Andromalos is a clinical dietitian at Virginia Mason Medical Center, a diabetes health coach at Fit4D, and an outpatient dietitian at Northwest Weight Loss Surgery. She holds a Master’s degree in Health Communication from Boston University and was awarded the Susan T. Borra Fellowship in Nutrition Communication in 2014.

She has worked in the field of weight management since becoming a dietitian in 2009 and has specialized in bariatric surgery. Her research has focused in the area of preoperative weight loss and education for bariatric surgery patients. She lived in Ecuador to attend a Spanish immersion program to better serve her Latino patients who are often impacted by health disparities. She is a member of the Academy’s Evidence Analysis Library bariatric workgroup and serves as a reviewer for Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases. She has published articles for professionals as well as the public and has spoken nationally and internationally on bariatric nutrition and programming topics.