OTC Dietary Supplements in Weight Management

Diane Radler, PhD, RD

Diane  Radler PhD,  RD  is  an  Associate  Professor and  Director  of  the  Institute  for Nutrition Interventions, Department of Nutritional Sciences, School of Health Related Professions, Rutgers University (formerly the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey).

Dr. Radler has been a registered dietitian since 1991. She practiced clinical nutrition at St. Luke’s/Roosevelt  Hospital  in  New  York  for  8  years  before  transitioning  to  an academic and research position in the Department of Nutritional Sciences in the School of  Health  Related  Professions  (SHRP),  one  school  within  Rutgers  Biomedical  and Health Sciences. Dr. Radler’s academic and research interests are in nutrition and oral health, integrative therapies, nutrition-focused physical assessment, and health and wellness. In her role as the Director of the Institute for Nutrition Interventions she is responsible for promoting and coordinating academic and research collaborations within and outside of the university.  In  2016  she  received  the  Excellence  in  Weight Management  Outcomes  Research  award  from  the  Weight  Management  dietetics practice group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.