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“Excellent and inspiring. The faculty are engaging, approachable, and experts in the field of pediatric obesity. Do not miss this program!!”

      Justine Chirichella, RD   
Queens, NY

“I was able to network with colleagues from across the country, and also Canada, who I otherwise likely would not have met. I have learned real skills that I can apply to my pediatric weight management program at home and I feel more capable to provide exceptional care to a population that greatly needs it. Thank you!”

Amanda Duncan, RDN, LDN, CDE  
Dorchester, MA

“I think the workshop was great. I am energized and excited to go out and make changes.”

Diana Cann MPH RD, LDN
Bolingbrook, IL

“This was an outstanding program. I felt that it addressed a wide range of topics, all which I could in some way apply to my line of work in school nutrition. I met many fabulous other dietitians from all over the country and who brought a very unique perspective to childhood nutrition!”   

Carolyn Kopcha
Registered Dietitian for the East Hartford Public Schools
Colchester, CT

“I am a "seasoned" dietitian with a significant amount of experience in pediatric and thought there was a significant amount of useful current information that I can utilize in my practice. Well done.”

Patricia J. Becker MA RDN CSP CNSC
Private Practice
Cincinnati, OH

 “The program covered a lot of worthwhile material that will make me a better more well-rounded RD in my practice.”

Katherine M. Barfuss, RD
Huntington, New York

 “Program confirmed that some of my current practices are aligned with “best practices” and gave me food for thought for new teaching techniques to engage children and their parents in weight management.”

Ilaria St. Florian, MS RD
Clinical Dietitian
Stamford, Connecticut

“There is nothing that compares to this program. The quality and content of the speakers, the presentations far exceeded my expectations. Thank you so very much. The Academy is the best.” 

Linda Cavaleri, RD
Health Coach
Middletown, Connecticut

This has been a great opportunity to network, gain knowledge, increase skills, and obtain resources. The faculty present a team approach, and are open to evolving the curriculum to meet the needs of RDs/RDNs and the children and families we serve. Thank you!”

B. Davis, RDN
Ithaca, New York

“I recommend if you work with children or adolescents to take this course. It was so beneficial and had so much great information.”

D. Noetzel, RDN CLC
Buffalo, New York

“It was very informative program. I recommend to anyone wanting to make a change for the future generation.”

Margaret A. Haburjak, RDN, LDN
Santa Ana, CA

“I can’t explain how informative and beneficial the Childhood and Adolescent weight Management Program was to me. It is completely inspiring and motivational to my practice and advocacy. I am more hopeful for our work towards the reduction of obesity through our professional efforts”

Elva Hooker, RDN
Phoenix, AZ

“This was an eye opening cause and so motivating, educational and helpful to someone working in pediatrics”

Lakshmi M. Patel
Roanoke, VA

“We have no pediatric obesity treatment in our health system. This program provided the resources and information to help us launch a successful and evidenced based program. We are more confident with our ability to plan and help the population in our community”

Caroline M.Wissemeier, RD
Bonita Springs, FL

“I learned tremendously and am ready to use the information provided at this certificate program to motivate and help make healthy choices for various economic clients.”    

 I. Ratra, RD
Consulting Dietitians
New York City, NY

“Great program. I gained valuable experience and knowledge that will benefit the patients I serve."  

C. Schnell, RD
Pediatric Dietitian Specialist
Orlando, FL

“Happy and motivated to learn from other health professionals that share the passion in helping our youth to grow healthy, happy and at their maximum potential.”     

A. Cardenas, MS, RD
Clinical Pediatrics
Los Angeles, CA

“The Certificate of Training in Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management Program covered an array of topics taught by entertaining and well-respected professionals that helped me develop a competitive professional toolbox in the pediatrics weight management field.”

R. DeBevits, RD
Clinical Pediatric Weight Management
Cleveland, OH

“Attending this conference has expanded by knowledge base in regards to effective programs to support US children and parents in lifestyle changes and maintenance. I am thankful to have attended!”

B. DeMuth
Dietetic Intern – Solmaz Institute
Hickory, NC

“This program provided me with tools, resources and practical tips that I can start using immediately with children and families.”

M. Wolff, MS RDN LD
Clinical Dietitian
Coppell, TX

“Childhood and adolescent overweight and obesity problems are the one common denominator in any area I cover. From inpatient to outpatient and GI to cardiology to endocrinology, there is always an encounter with weight management. The certificate program boiled down a lot of complex information for me to better serve my patients and their families.”

K. Newsome, RD
Clinical Dietitian
Colorado Springs, CO

“I am thrilled to be part of the solution and have the support and guidance from such outstanding dietitians. Thank you.”

Bethany Braunstein, RDN
Wellness Dietitian
Broomfield, CO

“All presenters were the best ever! You have truly done an outstanding job in putting this certificate program together. I was blown away with the enormous amount of information I learned. This is exactly what I needed. I can’t wait to attend the adult weight management course.”

K. May, MS, RD, LD
Renal Dietitian
Winnie, TX

“I have never worked with child nutrition, but have presented information to children at health fairs. This has been very informative, interesting and enjoyable conference.”

N.F. Stagger, RD
Little Rock, AR

“This course has multiple opportunities to make immediate changes in my practice area (education), and also a great foundation for more significant changes in the future. Research opportunities are endless!”

M. Rew, MS, RDN, LD
Associate Clinical Professor
Denton, Texas

“Excellent program. Got me up to snuff in many areas. Great Speakers. They know their stuff!”

R. Duncan, MPH, RD
Public Health Nutritionist
Window Rock, AR

"Great conference. I feel more equipped to counsel families, community, and legislators in pediatric obesity management and prevention."

K. Rae Boswell, MS RD LD
Private Practice
Oklahoma City, OK

"Superb program!"

Pauline S. Scott, RD LDN
Miami, FL


C. Blackburn, MS RD LD
Orlando, FL

"This program was very inspiring and gave me a lot of great ideas to bring home, particularly the MI information. Was well worth my time!"

K. Woodworth, RD
Community RD
Grand Rapids, MI

"Enjoyed the program. Well worth the time that I invested."

Rhonda James, RD
Clinical RD
Collins, Georgia

"I enjoyed attending this program very much. I’m going home with loads of ideas and knowledge and more motivation to put towards my work with overweight/obese kids. Thanks!"

Tania Koerber, RD, CSP, LD
Pediatric Dietitian
West Palm Beach, FL

"The program offered information that refreshed my knowledge and gave positive tools to make a difference in the prevention of obesity in children and adolescents."

Jen M. RD
Charlotte, NC


"The information provided far exceeded my expectations. I am leaving with many new ideas to use in my clinics, in my community, and how to get involved at my daughters school in two years when she starts kindergarten."

D. Rogers, RD LD IBCLC
District Nutrition Manager
Lawrenceville, GA

"I learned so much. I feel I am more knowledgeable and confident to apply what I have learned to my private practice. Thanks for your great faculty."

Jennilyn Jackman Baptiste, MS RD CDN
Staten Island, NY

"This training is very thoughtfully planned and updated. The faculty and topics are excellent. The information and skills gained are invaluable. I would encourage any dietitian to take part in this training. I will be able to use this information with clients and share it with colleagues. Great investment!!"

C. Spires, RD LD
Extension Educator
Wauseon, OH


"A great 2 1/2 days! I met great people and so many wonderful experts. I'm ready to do my part in ending the obesity epidemic!"

A. Moselle, MS, RD
Nutrition Coordinator
Livermore, CA

"I thoroughly enjoyed having myself recharged and re-motivated to help my clients. Also, enjoyed the practicing and demonstration of MI techniques."

K. A. Kovall, RD
Community Health Dietitian
Rapid City, SD


"I had such a great experience. There wasn't a bad presenter here, and I'm excited to take it back to South Dakota."

L. Van Eadom, RD, RN
Nutrition/Training Coordinator
SD WIc Program
Sioux Fall, SD

"It got me really excited about all the positive change happening around childhood obesity, and how I can start to make a different."

J. Giangerelli, RD, CDN
Public Health Dietitian
San Mateo, CA

"The Certificate of Training in Childhood and Adolescent Weight program has left me feeling excited about the impact I can make on a child's life. Specifically, their health and where I can make the biggest impact."

L. Bowersox, RD
Registered Dietitian & Lactation Consultants
Murphys, CA

"This was THE BEST program I have ever attended!"

D. Jenkins, RD, LD
MNT Nutritionist
Hopkinsville, KY

"This training has been so useful and informative. I will use what I've learned, not only in my professional life, but at home, among my friends, family, and in my community."

S. Sturgill, MS, RD, LD
Families and Health Extension Agent
Winfield, WV

"I liked the program very much, and it has re-motivated me to rejoin the workforce!"

K. R. Knechtl, RD
St. Clair Shores, MI

"An excellent program that all professionals should attend to empower (re-empower) us to make changes and take action regardless of what area you work in."

D. Dchumer, MA, RD, LD
Cape Girardean, MO

"Fantastic Program. I have so many new ideas to take back to my practice."

B. Gilley
London, KY


"I feel like I have received balanced information and skills to address the issue of childhood and adolescent obesity. The topics covered were as diverse as the contributing issues causing childhood and adolescent obesity."

F. Lewis, MS, RD
Loma Linda, CA


"This program was wonderful. I am leaving here inspired to be a better advocate for kids and their parents in their flight against obesity. I now have so many ideas and resources to use for my private practice."

J. Greene Hard, RD
Private Practice
Los Angeles, CA


"This was a fantastic training. Inspiring, informing, incredible! What an impressive panel of speakers. True experts in their field."

M Summerson, MEd RD
Nutrition Consultant
New Hope, PA


"I would encourage all dietitians to participate in this training. Our future depends upon it with our current obesity epidemic. Parent education and early childhood nutrition is critical, and all dietitians should have the skills taught in this certificate program. Thank you to all who are involved in the development and execution of this training!'

S. Koontz, RD
Nutrition Education Manager
San Antonio, TX


'" have been doing an adolescent weight management program for two years. This program with CDR has made so much difference that I feel I can make a lot of difference in the program I am doing. Hats of CDR!"

R. Lakshmikanthan, RD
Lead Dietitian
Atlantic City, NJ

"Very good program. Excellent data. Very helpful."

K. Burgess, MBA, RD
Monroeville, NJ


"This was the first program I have attended in a long time that I really learned a lot. It is a very comprehensive program. I strongly recommend that anyone who works with children attend this program."

T. Hagins,RD
Community Nutritionist
Somerville, NJ


"The Certificate of Training in Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management program surpassed my expectations. The presenters were extremely knowledgeable. The program staff worked diligently to assure we were prepared and informed while here."

I Soucy, MS, RD, LDN
President & CEO
Middletown, DE


"The information presented was extremely relevant and enthusiastically presented. It renewed my passion and dedication to do more to treat and, more importantly, prevent the prevalence of childhood obesity."

V. Moore, RD, LDN
Coordinator, ENERGIZE, Program
Albemarte, NC

"This program was fantastic! Very informative, motivating and encouraging! I highly recommend it!"

Kristene Schulte, RD, CD, CDE
Clinical Dietitian and Diabetes Educator
Milladore, WI

"As a newly crendentialed RDN, I am looking to set myself apart from other candidates for positions within the field of pediatrics and adolescent nutrition. I believe this certificate of training program has prepared me to be more involved and work with this population."

Victoria Kuebler, RDN
Pittsgrove, NJ

“The topics were so stimulating with such high caliber speakers, It reinvigorated my appreciation of the depth and scope of our dietetic profession. A wonderful combination of current research findings and insightful experiences shared by exceptional practitioners. The professional networking opportunities were also a pleasure.” 

Sharon Mierzwa, RDN MPH LMT 
Regional Campaign Manager, AHA ANCHOR Project 
Hartford, CT

“I have attended both the adult weight management program and the child/adolescent weight management program.  Both have been helpful and have added to my understanding of obesity and its treatment.  Would highly recommend either programs!”

 Catherine Page,Med, RD, LDN
 Hudson, Massachusetts

“The Certificate of Training in Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management Program provided a wealth of practical, applicable, interesting and cutting edge information on the obesity epidemic. I feel excited and well prepared to go back to my patients with new ideas and ways I can help them on their journeys. Support and positive energy is key with this population and I am energized! The venue was amazing and networking was so helpful.”

   Shara Paley  MS, RDN  
Teaneck, NJ

“The Certificate of Training in Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management Program was great. The speakers were excellent, and I really enjoyed meeting the other dietitians there. I return home having enhanced my toolbox of skills and knowledge. Overall, a very enriching experience.”

   Gila Daman, MS, RDN, CDN 
Outpatient Pediatric and Adolescent Dietitian  
Bronx, NY

“I'm a career changer, passed the DTR exam almost a year ago, and my passion area is children and childhood obesity.  I currently work in a hospital, with adult patients, but this program has completely reinforced my feeling that I really MUST find someone to hire me so I can work in this field.  I loved it!”    

Lisa Dwyer, DTR  
Rockville Centre, NY

“The program exceeded my expectations. The speakers had great delivery and were extremely knowledgeable in their topics. I could not name one session that I didn't find interesting or that didn't hold my attention.”

  Kelly Gaffney, RDN, CDN
New Haven, CT