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Certificate of Training in Weight Management—Onsite Program FAQ

  1. Q: Do I need to bring the program pre-work to the onsite program?

    You do not need to bring any of the program pre-work materials to the onsite program. 
  2. Q: Do I need to bring proof of my passing pretest score to the onsite program?

    You do not need to bring proof of your passing pretest score to the onsite program.  CDR has record of all pretest scores.
  3. Q: Do I need to bring the onsite documents the onsite program?

    Yes. Program participants should bring the faculty slides and handouts with them to the onsite program.  The only documents that are distributed onsite are the program agenda and evaluation forms. 
  4. Q: Is WIFI available at the onsite program?

    CDR cannot guarantee WIFI will be available in the meeting room.  Information regarding the availability of WIFI in the meeting room will be distributed onsite. 
  5. Q: Are meals/snacks provided at the onsite program?

    A:  A light breakfast is provided each morning.  Beverage breaks including coffee/tea service are also provided during breaks.  No other meals or snacks are included.  Please inform CDR staff of any dietary allergies or restrictions.
  6. Q: If I need to cancel or transfer my program registration, how do I do that?

    A:  All cancellation or transfer requests should be submitted in writing to
  7. Q: When will I receive documentation that I completed the program?

    A: Documentation of continuing education hours and wall certificates for those who successfully complete the posttest will be mailed within 10 business days after the posttest deadline has passed.
  8. Q: How long are the onsite documents available in the portal?

    A:  The onsite documents are only available in the portal for a limited amount of time.  The onsite documents will be available in the portal for approximately four months following the conclusion of the program.  If participants wish to keep the faculty PowerPoints or any other documents included in the onsite documents, they are encouraged to download and save those documents.  
  9. Q: Will my employer be able to verify that I completed the program?

    A:  Yes.  Those who successfully complete the weight management program will be listed on our website at the following links:
    Adult program:
    Childhood program:
    Level 2 Adult program:

    Your employer will be able to search for you by last name.
  10. Q: What should I wear to the onsite program?

    A:  Business casual is appropriate attire for the onsite program.  Layers are recommended, as the meeting rooms can tend to be cool.
  11. Q: What networking opportunities are available at the onsite program?

    A:  There are several modes of networking to take advantage of at the onsite program.  A program participant list is emailed out to participants approximately one week before the program, allowing you to begin networking before you even arrive! A faculty networking session is scheduled on the second day of the program to give participants the chance to interact with program faculty.  A networking dinner is also arranged for participants, subject to participant interest at each program.  Buddy sheets are also available to share your contact information with other professionals within (or perhaps even outside) of your general practice area. 
  12. Q: Does CDR assist with room sharing between participants?

    A:  CDR does not assist with room sharing between participants.  However, some participants in the past have had luck arranging room sharing among themselves by using the “discuss” tab in the pre-work materials portal class, or by using the participant list.
  13. Q: Will a Mother’s Room be available?

    A: Yes. At each onsite program, CDR does arrange for a private space for nursing mothers.  Please see CDR staff onsite for access to the Mother’s Room.
  14. Q: When can I log this activity in my Professional Development Portfolio?

    A: The completion date of the program is the last day of the program.  Once you have attended the program, you can log this activity in your professional portfolio.  Documentation that you completed the program will be mailed within 10 business days after the posttest deadline has passed.
  15. Q: What activity type is the weight management program considered?

    A:  The weight management program is considered activity type 120-Certificate Program.  
  16. Q: Where can I find a receipt for the onsite program for reimbursement purposes? 

    A: To print your receipt, go to and log in to the website.  Once you are logged in to the website, click on the “My CDR” link next to the logout button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

    Once you click on My CDR, you will see blue tabs.  Click on the blue tab that says “invoices.” 

    Once you click on the “invoices” tab, you will see any open or closed invoices.  Check the date and type of fee.  The fee will be for an “event registration.”  Once you find the invoice you are looking for, click the “view/print” button to the right.  A window will pop up; this is your receipt.  You can download and save this document, or print it out.