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Certificate of Training in Weight Management—Post Test FAQ

  1. Q: What is the passing score for the posttest?

    The passing score for the posttest is 80% or higher. Your score will display on the screen immediately upon submitting the posttest.
  2. Q: Do I need to complete the posttest in one sitting?

    No.  There is a “save & continue later” button on the posttest at the bottom of the screen, next to the submit button. You can use this button to save your answers and log in/out of the posttest as needed. 

  3. Q: Can I take the posttest more than one time?

    A: No, you only have one chance to successfully pass the posttest.  Because the same posttest will be administered at future programs, a key will not be provided, and CDR is unable to provide any feedback regarding your score.
  4. Q: How will I know if I passed the posttest?

    A: Your posttest score will appear and remain at the top of the screen after you submit the posttest.  You will not receive an email confirmation regarding your score.  

  5. Q: Will a key be provided?

    No, a key will not be provided.  The same posttest is administered at future programs, so CDR is unable to provide any feedback regarding the test or your score.
  6. Q: What happens if I do not pass the posttest?

    A: If you do not pass the posttest, you will not receive the Certificate of Training.  However, if you are an RDN or NDTR, you will be awarded the continuing education hours for completing the program.  Documentation verifying your continuing education hours will be mailed within 10 business days after the posttest deadline date. 
  7. Q: When will my wall certificate arrive?

    A: If you successfully complete the posttest, your wall certificate will be mailed after the posttest deadline has passed.  Your wall certificate should arrive within 10 business days following the posttest deadline. 
  8. Q: When is the deadline to complete the posttest?

    A: Posttest instructions will be given on the last day of the onsite program.  The deadline varies by program; it is approximately two weeks after the conclusion of the onsite program.  The deadline is posted in the welcome message on the posttest form, though please feel welcome to contact CDR staff if you have questions about the posttest deadline.
  9. Q: Is the posttest timed?

    A: No. The posttest is not a timed test.
  10. Q: Can I use my materials from the pre-work, onsite documents, or onsite program to help me complete the posttest?

    A: Yes.  The posttest is a take-home, “open-book” test.  You may use any materials from the pre-work materials, onsite documents, or onsite program in order to complete the posttest. 
  11. Q: How/when is the posttest administered?

    A: The posttest is administered online through the portal.  Instructions on how to access the posttest will be given in person on the last day of the onsite program, and via email.  You will have access to the posttest as of 10am on the last day of the program. It is a multiple-choice, online form, similar to the pretest.  It is a take-home, “open-book,” test that is due approximately two weeks after the last day of the onsite program.