Certificate of Training in Weight Management—Pre-work Materials FAQ

  1. Q: How long are the pre-work materials available in the portal?

    A: The pre-work materials are available in the portal for approximately four months following the conclusion of the onsite program.  Participants who wish to keep access to these materials are highly encouraged to download and save them.  The pre-work materials are eventually taken offline, and participants will no longer be able to access them.
  2. Q: How do I navigate the pre-work materials?

    A: To access the pre-work materials, go to www.cdrnet.org and log in to the website. You must log in to the website in order for the portal to become visible.  Once you are logged in, go to “portal” then scroll down to “EDU” and click on “EDU.”  Your pre-work materials will appear; click on “launch course” to begin or resume activities. 

    Once you are within the pre-work materials course, you can use the “course navigation” tab at the top of the screen to scroll through the contents of the module or to navigate it.  Alternatively, you can use the “next” and “previous” buttons at the top of the screen to navigate through the module. 

    A short PDF tutorial on how to navigate the pre-work materials is linked on the second page of the pre-work materials, under the “Documents” tab.
  3. Q: How long will it take me to complete the pre-work materials?

    A: An audit of the materials conducted by CDR revealed that the pre-work materials take approximately 16 hours to complete. 
  4. Q: Are the learning activity worksheets graded?

    A:  The learning activity worksheets are included for your learning purposes only.  CDR does not review or collect these learning activity worksheets.