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The Center of Excellence in Nutrition and Dietetics Award utilizes the Standards of Excellence (SoE) to identify and recognize organizations with exemplary leadership, outcomes, organization, and practice within the realm of nutrition and dietetics. Organizations with this designation continuously honor the work and expertise of the RD/RDN and DTR/NDTR as the nutrition experts. Because these criteria can be applied broadly to a variety of practice areas, credentialed nutrition and dietetics practitioners across the care spectrum can actively participate in achieving this designation. The nature of the SoE is detail-oriented, allowing organizations and their leadership to determine opportunities for improvement and formulate action plans and long-term strategic plans to ensure excellence is at the forefront of all they do. Organizations that receive this award will have a competitive edge in recruiting and retaining credentialed nutrition and dietetics practitioners to the organization, and generate valuable metrics including benchmark data, best practices, and quality outcomes in their organizations.

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