Because clinical nutrition is who you are not just what you do.
The perfect opportunity to advance your credential has arrived:
CDR Advanced Practitioner Certification in Clinical Nutrition

The Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) is offering an advanced practitioner certification in clinical nutrition for registered dietitians with four or more years of clinical nutrition practice. Apply NOW for the April 2018 examination window!

Applications for April 2018 examination window are due March 2, 2018.

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Privacy Policy

The Commission on Dietetic Registration is committed to protecting confidential and/or proprietary information related to applicants; candidates; certificants; and the examination development, maintenance, and administration process. The confidentiality policy applies to all CDR employees, Commission members, committee members, consultants, psychometric consultants, and other individuals who are permitted access to confidential information.

Confidential materials include, but are not limited to: an individual’s application status, personal applicant /certificant information, exam development documentation (including job analysis study reports, technical reports, and cut score studies), examination items, examination forms, and individual examination scores.

To ensure the security of the examination, all test materials are confidential and will not be released to any person or agency, except as required by these policies for the purpose of examination development and administration.

Information about a candidate/certificant will only be released to that candidate/ certificant unless release of the information is authorized in writing by the individual or is required by law. Personal information submitted by applicant /certificants with an application or recertification application, including results of any background check, is considered confidential. Personal information retained within the applicant /certificant database will be kept confidential.

All application information is confidential and will not be shared with any party other than CDR’s examination development or administration vendors for certification processing purposes.

Examination scores are only released to the examination candidate as required by law unless a signed release is provided in writing by the candidate or the candidate consents to a score release through the application process.

Commission members will not disclose confidential information related to or discussed during Commission meetings unless authorized by the CDR. This includes any verbal or written information identified as a confidential matter.

CDR will provide confirmation of certification status to anyone who requests the information, and primary source verification will be accessible instantaneously via the Internet. To search the on-line verification system, users must enter the CDR registration identification number and the credentialed practitioner's primary state of residence.