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New CDR CPEU Prior Approval Program

**The new CDR CPEU Prior Approval Program does not go into effect until April 1, 2024**

Intent of the CDR CPEU Prior Approval Program

The intent of the CDR Continuing Professional Education Unit (CPEU) Prior Approval Program is to facilitate lifelong learning through access to nutrition and dietetics related Continuing Professional Education (CPE) that updates, enhances, or assesses knowledge, skills, and attitudes of professional dietetics practice. Each CPE activity should be free from marketing and commercial bias, free from financial influence, and conducted with a comprehensive IDEA lens. Activities which are CDR CPEU Prior Approved have the following characteristics:

  • Meet Professional Development Portfolio (PDP) Content Criteria
  • Comply with CDR CPE Provider Policies
  • Conform to Activity Type definitions
  • Develop behaviors required for continued competence as outlined in the Essential Practice Competencies 

CDR CPEU Prior Approval does not constitute endorsement by CDR of a CDR CPE Provider, activities, or materials.


The new CDR CPEU Prior Approval Program policies and activity types will go into effect on April 1, 2024.

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