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CDR CPEU Prior Approval Program

Intent of the CDR CPEU Prior Approval Program

The intent of the CDR Continuing Professional Education Unit (CPEU) Prior Approval Program is to facilitate lifelong learning through access to nutrition and dietetics related Continuing Professional Education (CPE) that updates, enhances, or assesses knowledge, skills, and attitudes of professional dietetics practice.1 Each CPE activity should be free from marketing and commercial bias, free from financial influence, and conducted in a way that promotes equity. Activities which are CDR CPEU Prior Approved have the following characteristics:

  • Meet Professional Development Portfolio (PDP) Content Criteria
  • Comply with CDR CPE Provider Policies
  • Conform to Activity Type definitions
  • Develop behaviors required for continued competence as outlined in the Essential Practice Competencies 

CDR CPEU Prior Approval does not constitute endorsement by CDR of a CDR CPE Provider, activities, or materials.

New CDR CPEU Provider Account

To create a new CDR CPEU Prior Approval Account, click here.

Note: Account activation can take 2 - 3 business days.

Pre-Submission Requirements

Before CPE Providers can submit CPE for Prior Approval of CPEUs under the CDR CPEU Prior Approval Program:

  1. Each Accountable Contact must complete Accountable Contact Training and attest to an understanding of policies. Note: Each provider account may have up to three active Accountable Contacts at a time.  
  2. Each Accountable Contact must be designated as such in the CDR CPE Provider Portal*
  3. One Accountable Contact from each Provider account must complete and submit a Benchmarking Report.*

*For step-by-step instructions for items 2 and 3, visit Accountable Contact Designation and Completion of Benchmarking Report

CPEU Activity Requirements

Activities submitted to CDR via the CDR CPEU Prior Approval Program must meet:

Click here for the CDR CPEU Prior Approval Program Glossary of Terms. 

Enduring Activities:

Enduring CPE is a self-paced activity that endures over a specified time and includes methods for providing informal feedback or formal feedback and assessment to the learner or learners. Examples may include but are not limited to online interactive educational modules, recorded presentations, printed materials, and/or podcasts. 

Non-Enduring Activities:

Non-Enduring CPE is synchronous learning that takes place either in person or virtually, and includes live activities, journal clubs, posters, and study groups. Live activities include methods for providing informal feedback or formal feedback and assessment. 

Mixed Activities:

Mixed Activity CPE includes a combination of live/synchronous and enduring activities and includes methods for providing informal feedback or formal feedback and assessment. 

Certificate Programs: 

Certificate Program CPE is an intensive program that may include enduring components, live web-based components, in-person training components, or a combination of the three. Certificate Programs include formative and summative assessments and should not be confused with certificates of completion. 


The fee structure is as follows:

  • 0.5 - 10.75 CPEUs = $50 per activity submission
  • 11-24.75 CPEUs = $100 per activity submission
  • 25 or more CPEUs = $150 per activity submission 
  • Live in-person or live virtual events such as symposium or meetings or meetings that include 10 or sessions must be submitted as conferences = $250 per activity submission
  • Non-USDE (United Department of Education) academic degree processing fee - $50 additional per activity submission

Payment must be made through the online system by credit card. CDR does not accept purchase orders (POs) as a form of payment for CPEUs activity applications.

These fees cover the review of activities. Fees will not be refunded for any reason, including if an activity is cancelled or a Prior Approval request is denied.

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