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Per CDR core criteria for self studies, all self-study activities must contain an assessment of learner. This assessment is an evaluative component made up of four option multiple choice questions and must be written by a Professional Test Question Writer. 


Professional Test Question Writer FAQ:

  • What are Professional Test Question Writers?
  • Professional Test Question Writers have completed the Entry-Level Item Writing Workshop or Item Writer course through the Commission on Dietetic Registration. Other Professional Writers have participated in any of the Specialists Item Development Workshops, other credentialing examination development workshops (i.e., CDM or CNSC), or an academic course/program that instructs participants on how to write assessment questions/items. 
  • What information and documents are required to show successful completion of a Professional Test Question Writer course when submitting a self-study? 
  • Name of Professional Test Question Writer 
  • Certificate of completion reflecting successful completion of a professional course/workshop; or
  • Transcripts from an Academic College or University 
  • Will my self-study activity be approved if I do not have a Professional Test Question Writer?
  • No, in order for your activity to be approved documentation of a Professional Test Question Writer must be provided (see above for required documentation). 
  • Is there a required number of questions for the self-study post-assessment? 
  • Self-studies must include at least one post-assessment question. There is no maximum. All questions must be written by a Professional Test Question Writer. 
  • Where can I find a Professional Test Question Writer? 
  • A list of individuals who have successfully completed the Commission on Dietetics Registration's Professional Test Question Writer course can be found here. Please note that Professional Test Writers are independent contractors. 
  • Does CDR ever offer Professional Test Question training? 
  • Occasionally, the Commission on Dietetic Registration will offer a Professional Test Question Writer course. If interested in receiving information about the next course, please email 

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