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Activity Type 175: Recorded Pre-Approved CPE FAQ

Activity Type 175: Recorded Pre-Approved CPE FAQ:

Question: Do I have to submit my activity as a 175: Recorded Pre-Approved CPE immediately following the life activity? 

  • Answer: Activity Type 175: Recorded Pre-Approved CPEs can be submitted at any point within the three years from the date of the original live activity. However, the end date will still reflect 3-years from the date of the original live activity.

Questions: Do I need to include content reviewers and the Critical Thinking Tool?

  • Answer: Inclusion of content reviewers and the Critical Thinking Tool are not required to submit an activity as a 175: Recorded Pre-Approved CPE. Please note this criterion is only required when submitting a self-study activity

Question: What is the difference between Activity Type 175: Recorded Pre-Approved CPE and a self-study activity?

  • Answer: Activity type 175: recorded pre-approved CPE is a recording of a previously offered live activity. A self-study activity is a self-paced activity that was not offered live and includes additional learning components such as a post-assessment.

Question: How quickly can I submit and activity as a 175: Recorded Pre-Approved CPE?

  • Answer: An activity can be submitted as a 175: Recorded Pre-Approved CPE, once the live activity has been submitted for prior approval. For step-by-step instructions on how to submit a 175, please click here.
  • Please note that the live activity must be approved prior to the approval of the recording. It takes 4 – 6 weeks for approval of all activities submitted for prior approval.

Question: What if I did not offer a live version of the activity, but would like to offer a 175: Recorded Pre-Approved CPE?

  • Answer: In order to offer a 175: Recorded Pre-Approved CPE, the live version must first be submitted for prior approval and offered. If this step did not occur, there are two possible options for approval:
  • Option 1: The Commission on Dietetic Registration allows providers to include recorded lectures as part of a live webinar/lecture, as long as it meets the follow criteria:
    • All information presented meets the core content criteria 
    • The activity occurs at a designated time, followed by live question and answer
    • The recorded activity immediately followed by a live question and answer includes the speaker/presenter(s) engaging with participants using discussion and/or chat box 
    • If the provider plans to offer the activity as a recording (activity type 175), the activity must first be submitted to CDR prior to the live activity as Type 171: live webinar. 
    • Once the activity is approved and occurs, it may be resubmitted to CDR for approval and offered as activity type 175: recorded pre-approved CPE. 
  • Option 2: The recording can be submitting as part of a self-study activity