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CDR's certificate of training courses are training programs, not a certification programs. Upon completion of these courses, participants are not awarded a designation or credential. Please note individuals who complete the certificate of training courses are not certified. The term certification should only be used when referencing the completion of a certification examination such as the Registration Examination for Dietitians.  Definitions of a certificate program and a certification program are:
Certificate Program:

A certificate course is an intensive training course with a component that assesses the participant. Upon completion of the course participants receive a certificate attesting to the attainment of a new knowledge/skill set (e.g., Academy/CDR Certificate of Training in Obesity in Pediatrics and Adults). Unlike a certification program, participants do not receive a professional designation. Individuals completing a certificate course receive CPE credits for training and assessment time regardless of whether they pass the post-course assessment and receive the certificate. 
Certification Program:

A process, often voluntary, by which individuals who have demonstrated the level of knowledge and skill required in the profession, occupation, role, or skill are identified to the public and other stakeholders.  If you are interested in the CDR Board Certification as a Specialist in Weight Management (CSOWM), go to for the requirements.

What is a certification versus a certificate program? Click here for the Definition of Terms.

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