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Interdisciplinary CSOWM Certification Eligibility Requirements

  • Current, valid certification as an:
    • APRNs (NPs or CNSs from AANPCB, ANCC, NCC, or PNCB), 
    • Exercise Physiologists (ACSM-CEP, ACSM-RCEP, ACSM-EP),
    • Licensed Clinical Psychologist, 
    • Licensed Clinical Social Worker,
    • Licensed Pharmacist,
    • Licensed Physical Therapist,
    • PA-Cs (NCCPA), or
    • Registered Dietitians (CDR). 
  • Maintenance of above credential for a minimum of two years by the time of application. 
  • Documentation of 2,000 hours of specialty practice experience in obesity and weight management while holding one of the aforementioned credentials within the past five years*.

*The five-year mark is a threshold and not a requirement.  You only need to document as far back as it took to earn the required 2,000 hours, not to exceed five years from the date the application is submitted.


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