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What is the ethics OR health equity requirement?

RDs and DTRs are required to complete at least 1 hour of continuing professional education (1 CPEU) related to ethics OR health equity during each five-year recertification cycle. 

A specific ethics OR health equity activity has not been designated to satisfy the 1 CPEU requirement. Practitioners may select, complete, and record an ethics OR health equity activity of their choosing; the activity must meet CDR’s Content Criteria, adhere to an Activity Type definition, and deliver at least one hour of educational content devoted to ethics OR health equity. Practitioners will be unable to submit the Activity Log without including at least 1 CPEU in ethics OR health equity.

The Academy/CDR Code of Ethics for the Profession of Nutrition and Dietetics applies to all registered dietitians (RDs) and dietetic technicians, registered (DTRs) and necessitates that practitioners maintain competence by increasing professional knowledge and skills. 

The PDP Process supports lifelong learning and upholds the Principles and Standards of the Code of Ethics, including competence and professional development in practice (non-maleficence) and social responsibility for local, regional, national, global nutrition and well-being (justice). 

Health Equity:
Equity is the absence of avoidable, unfair, or remediable differences among groups of people, whether those groups are defined socially, economically, demographically or geographically or by other means of stratification.1 "Health equity” or “equity in health” implies that ideally everyone should have a fair opportunity to attain their full health potential and that no one should be disadvantaged from achieving this potential.2

Health equity is one of the overarching goals in the Surgeon General’s report on Healthy People 2030.3

Visit CDR’s Definition of Terms List for additional information on Health Equity.


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