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CPEU Head Start Program

For practitioners who have completed their recertification requirements early, CDR has a process to allow CPE activities completed in the final 75 days of one's 5-year cycle to now be posted toward the practitioner's coming 5-year cycle. Note that Head Start activities are to be entered on the Activity Log for the upcoming cycle.

This head start program pertains exclusively to activities completed in the final 75 days of a practitioner’s current recertification cycle (known as the Head Start Period) only when all of the following criteria have been met:

  1. Practitioners must have successfully completed all CPEU requirements for their current cycle (75 CPEUs for RDs, 50 CPEUs for DTRs, with at least one Ethics-related activity).
  2. Practitioners must have submitted their online Step 2: Activity Log for the current cycle no later than March 17 of the final year of their recertification cycle in order to be eligible for the CPEU Head Start.
  3. The CPEUs must be attained during the Head Start Period (between March 17 and May 31).
  4. RDs may record up to 15 CPEUs and DTRs may record up to 10 CPEUs earned during the last 75 days of their recertification cycle towards their next cycle, which begins June 1.
  5. All CPEUs from a given activity must be logged. CPEUs from one activity cannot be credited across multiple recertification cycles.

Note: All practitioners with an approved Activity Log may submit their Learning Plan as early as 75 days before their new 5-year recertification cycle begins (March 17th), regardless of eligibility for the Head Start program

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