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Welcome to the CDR Professional Development Portfolio Guide!

A brief overview of the process    

This booklet, known as the PDP Guide, will help you navigate the 3 steps of your CDR recertification process, whether this is your first cycle or even your fourth. In short, the PDP process is aimed at helping to enrich your continuing education experience. This is achieved by emphasizing assessment of your current role, goal setting, and reflection on the impact of the activities you complete.    

 The first step is your Learning Plan, where you’ll take the long view on the coming 5-year cycle to better direct your education. You’ll develop this plan using our quick click Competency Plan Builder
 Once you’ve created your Learning Plan, you will record continuing education activities you've attended in the Activity Log. When you've completed your minimum CPE requirements, you will submit the Log to CDR for review. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to log activities. 
 At the end of your 5-year cycle there is one final step, though not one you'll submit to CDR. The Professional Development Assessment is an exercise to measure the efficacy of your planning and prepare you for your next cycle.

It’s really pretty simple, but it is important to note that as this is a professional recertification there are rules that will need to be followed in order to be successful. These are outlined in detail within each section of the PDP Guide, so be sure to read this document thoroughly to avoid any issues.    

Finally, the majority of the PDP process occurs in the MyCDR section of the CDR website,, so before starting anything it would be a good idea to log in and become familiar with the features there.    

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