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Quality Management

Quality Management is a continuous and ongoing systematic process which has four main components: quality planning (which may involve a quality improvement project); quality assurance; quality control (verifies deliverables are as specified); and continual improvement. 

  • Careers in Quality: highlights RDNs working in quality career sectors. It reviews the education, skills, and training needed to perform responsibilities that focuses on Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI).
  • Quality Resource Collection: is a comprehensive index of resources related to quality nutrition and dietetics practice all in one place. The collection includes resources from CDR as well as resources related to the application of quality management in clinical, community nutrition and public health, and managerial leadership. This resource serves and supports the development of quality management knowledge as a critical component of nutrition and dietetics practice.
  • Quality Forum: Career Advise from RDN Quality Experts (FNCE 2021): learn from other credentialed practitioners that specialize in the quality field presenting insights and experiences on their career journey. They provide quality-related job advice, and offer guidance on quality specific certifications.
Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement consists of systematic and continuous actions that lead to measurable improvement in services and/or the status of targeted individuals or groups. Performance Improvement is the systematic process of detecting and analyzing performance problems, designing, and developing interventions to address the problems, implementing the interventions, evaluating the results, and sustaining improvement.

  • Access the Quality-Focused Practice Tips to review quality management tools and real-world case studies. The Practice Tips aid in conducting quality initiative projects by providing comprehensive step-by-step guide for RDNs and NDTRs to implement quality improvement and change management in practice settings.
  • The Quality Improvement (QI) 101 Education Package assists credentialed nutrition and dietetics practitioners, educators, and preceptors how to communicate and teach quality management concepts, resources, and tools. The QI 101 education package includes a QI 101 recorded presentation and a slide library with talking points.
Quality Strategies

Quality Strategies provides resources in the areas of quality improvement, change management, performance improvement, process analysis, and measurement to promote RDNs in quality teams and leadership roles. Quality Strategies create awareness tactics that drive change and recognize RDN career advancement, practitioner return on investment by performing at their highest scope of practice and demonstrating viability - the RDN’s ability to work successfully in the organization.

  • Quality Strategies and Health Equity Guide: The National Quality Strategy and Health Equity Guide showcases major areas of national quality strategy, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Quality Action Plan and Social Determinants of Health tools and resources.
CPE Offerings and Resources

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