Request for Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

As part of our ongoing process of examination quality management, we are in the process of expanding our pool of subject matter experts (SMEs) to participate in future test development and review meetings in Chicago and possibly become a member of the specialty examination workgroup.

New SME’s are invited to participate when members of the current workgroup cannot attend or when current member terms expire. Participants are invited on a trial basis, receive an invitation describing meeting responsibility, and test information as needed from the testing vendor. Each participant is required to sign a confidentiality agreement, indicating they will not share any information and/or participate in any test preparation courses. Participants should not be within their last two years of their specialty certification term.

Meetings consist of a group of eight to ten CDR specialists from around the country. Test development/review meetings last from 1 ½ days-3 ½ days, depending on the type of meeting. Travel, hotel, and per diem expenses are reimbursed by the Commission. The "pre-work" for the meeting would be to review the problems/items that will be discussed at the meeting. “Pre-work” may also include writing items for which item writing training information would be given.  Not only does participation in item review meetings provide valuable networking time with colleagues, you will develop valuable item writing and question editing skills and CPEUS may also be earned for your efforts.

  CDR considers the following SME characteristics when inviting meeting participants:
  • Current RD and CDR Specialist
  • Geographic area
  • Demographics (e.g. years of experience, gender, etc)
  • Areas of practice/subspecialty
  • Practice setting
  • Positive attitude
  • Works well with group/communication skills/contribution to group process
  • Academic versus private practice/clinician
  • Length of time in practice
  • When specialty examination was taken
If you are interested in participating please send a letter of interest summarizing your professional experience, and your resume and/or CV to or by fax 312/899-4772. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at