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Test Bundle Voucher

What is CDR’s Test Bundle Voucher?

The Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) is excited to introduce the Test Bundle Voucher program. This optional program provides candidates with a second attempt to pass their RD or DTR exam at a discounted rate, should they have an unsuccessful first attempt.

For a total of $325 (RD) or $215 (DTR), candidates can purchase both their initial attempt and a voucher valid for a discounted retake (discount retake voucher for RD Exam: $100, discount retake voucher for DTR Exam: $75).

This option can provide the support that some candidates need on the journey to becoming registered and provide the reassurance they need to succeed.


With CDR’s Test Bundle Voucher you can go into your first attempt prepared to pass, but with the assurance that you have another attempt if you need it. 

Financial Savings

Save on your second test attempt in case you don’t pass your first. 

Fear of exam failure shouldn’t limit your potential!

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How do I apply?

Vouchers can be purchased as an upgrade at checkout when registering for an exam attempt. One full price exam is required for every voucher purchase.

  • Discount Retake Voucher Dietetic Technicians $75
  • Discount Retake Voucher for Dietitians $100

It is imperative that candidates select the voucher that corresponds to the exam being taken as vouchers are non-refundable. Vouchers are only eligible for authorized retakes, may not be transferred to any other candidate, and are not refundable.

Once a voucher is ordered and paid for, candidates will receive an email notification (separate from their order receipt) providing their voucher ID. In the event the candidate needs to retest, they must first contact CDR for reauthorization. The voucher ID would then be used in lieu of payment when scheduling a retest.

Who can purchase the Test Bundle Voucher?

Any candidate who has met exam eligibility requirements and been approved by CDR for exam eligibility for the registration examination for dietitians (RD Exam) or registration examination for dietetic technicians (DTR exam) may choose to purchase a Test Bundle Voucher.

Test vouchers are non-transferable. They must be used by the individual who purchased the bundle for the exam for which they purchased it.

What is the cost?

RD Exam: $325 for two tests 

DTR Exam: $215 for two tests

What if I pass my first exam?

Congratulations! If you pass on your first attempt, you have achieved your goal of becoming registered and do not need to utilize the second voucher. There are no refunds provided for the amount paid for the bundle.

What if I do not pass my first exam?

You will reauthorize to test ( or and then utilize the voucher number provided to you via email when paying for your second exam.

What if I miss a test appointment?

A missed exam counts as a utilization of one of your voucher attempts.

Per your Candidate Handbook, if you are a no show for a test appointment, you forfeit your test fee. This is the same when you use an exam voucher. Candidates are responsible for rescheduling test appointments more than 48 hours prior to test time. Reschedule requests within 48 hours need to be made in writing to and accompanied by documentation. 

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