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CDR Volunteer Opportunities

Make an Impact - Volunteer with CDR 

The next CDR Call for Volunteers will open from October 1, 2024 - January 15, 2025.  

Why should you volunteer?
Volunteering helps keep you, as a credentialed practitioner, connected to the nutrition and dietetics profession while earning valuable leadership experience. 

When should you volunteer?
Committee, Panel, and Advisory Group volunteer opportunities are open through January 15, 2024. Subject-matter expert opportunities are open year-round.

How should you volunteer?

Submit your interest in volunteering for one of the following opportunities by logging into your myCDR page and clicking on Volunteer Opportunities*. 



Interoperability and Standards Committee (RD, RDN)  

Nutrition Care Process & Terminology Committee (Click here to create a myCDR account if you're not registered with CDR.)

Practice Competence Committee (RD, RDN & DTR, NDTR)

Quality Management Committee (RD, RDN & DTR, NDTR)

Research & Project Funding & Review Committee (RD, RDN & DTR, NDTR)



Advanced Practitioner Certification Panel (RD-AP or RDN-AP)

Appeals Panel (RD, RDN & DTR, NDTR)

Competency Assurance Panel (RD, RDN & DTR, NDTR)

Exam Panel (RD, RDN & DTR, NDTR)

Specialist Certification Panel (RD, RDN + CDR Specialty)


--Advisory Group--

Obesity Certificate Program Advisory Group (RD, RDN)


--Subject-Matter Experts--

Compliance and Quality Assurance Subject Matter Experts

DTR Exam Development (RD, RDN & DTR, NDTR)

RD Exam Development (RD, RDN)

RD-AP Exam Development (RD-AP or RDN-AP)

Specialist Exam Development (RD, RDN + CDR Specialty)


 *Only those opportunities for which a CDR-credentialed practitioner is eligible will be visible on their personal myCDR page. 

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