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What is the NDTR credential option?
DTRs have the option to use the credential “nutrition and dietetics technician, registered” (NDTR).

Why is the Academy offering the NDTR credential option?
The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Board of Directors supports this new credentialing option as it builds upon the existing bachelor’s degree eligibility option and differentiates between degree levels achieved by individuals to obtain the credential Nutrition and Dietetics Technician, Registered ( Ex: PhD, MS, BS or AS-NDTR). This credentialing scheme follows the nursing model (the RN examination is open to AS, BS, and MS prepared individuals). Individuals who have earned the DTR credential could choose to retain this credential or adopt the NDTR. Those with four year degrees could choose BS-DTR or BS-NDTR.

The NDTR provides several advantages, including:

  • Maintaining the integrity of current professional designations (RDN, RD, NDTR, DTR)
  • Providing a timely opportunity for eligible DPD graduates to become certified and to remain connected to the Academy
  • Allowing the Academy to collect and analyze data on the utilization and practice implications of the enhanced DTR eligibility options, and making evidence-based decisions on what, if any, changes are needed.

There is an increased awareness of the Academy’s role as a key organization in food and nutrition by media, government agencies, allied health organizations and consumers. For instance, the Academy has noted an increase in the number of media impressions (print, broadcast and electronic) from the Academy’s media outreach activities. Twenty billion media impressions were obtained in 2011, prior to the Academy’s name change; contrasted with 30 billion impressions during the first six months of 2012 alone.

This provides additional rationale for the incorporation of the word “nutrition” into the DTR credential resulting in the optional NDTR credential.

I am not currently a DTR, how do I find more information about obtaining the NDTR credential?
Please visit the CDR website here.

Must DTRs use the NDTR credential?
No. The NDTR credential is offered as an option to DTRs who want to emphasize the nutrition aspect of their credential to the public and to other health practitioners.

Does the optional NDTR have a different meaning than the DTR credential?
No. The DTR and NDTR credential have identical meanings and legal trademark definitions.

When can DTRs begin to use the NDTR credential?
DTRs can start using the NDTR credential effective immediately.

How should DTRs use the new credential for signatures and materials such as business cards?
Refer to the credential placement guidelines.

Will CDR registration ID cards include both the DTR and NDTR credentials?
Yes. All registration ID for DTRs reflect both the DTR and NDTR credentials.

Is there an additional cost?
No. There is no additional cost for using the NDTR credential.

Will DTRs be required to meet separate recertification requirements if they choose to use the NDTR credential option?
No. The current DTR recertification requirements apply to the NDTR credentials.

How does the new optional NDTR credential fit into the Academy’s ongoing branding and marketing efforts?
The Academy modified its existing branding marketing efforts to strengthen and differentiate the DTR and NDTR.

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