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Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

Welcome to the CPE Database Search. You may enter one or more search criteria to find currently available activities that have been prior approved, or offered through CDR accredited providers. The CPE Database Search can also be used to locate activities that have already taken place, in order to reference activity information for your CPEU records.

If you enter an activity number, you do not need to enter any additional fields.
To refine search, please enter additional criteria below
Code Description Add to List
1000 Professional skills Add
1010 Career planning, job search, goal setting Add
1020 Computer, electronic technology Add
1030 CPR Add
1040 Cultural sensitivity Add
1050 Ethics Add
1060 Foreign language, cultures Add
1065 Informatics Add
1070 Leadership, critical and strategic thinking Add
1080 Legislation, public policy Add
1090 Media skills Add
1100 Photography, video and graphic production Add
1110 Risk taking Add
1120 Time and stress management, life balance Add
1130 Verbal communication skills, presentations Add
1140 Written communication skills, publishing Add
2000 Science of food and nutrition Add
2010 Botanicals, phytochemicals Add
2020 Composition of foods, nutrient analysis Add
2030 Food preservation, additives, irradiation Add
2040 Food science, genetically modified food Add
2050 Genetics Add
2060 Immunology Add
2070 Macronutrients: carbohydrate, fat, protein, fiber, water Add
2080 Microbiology, food toxicology Add
2090 Micronutrients: vitamins, minerals Add
2100 Nutritional biochemistry Add
2110 Physiology, exercise physiology Add
3000 Nutrition assessment & Diagnosis Add
3005 Nutrition Diagnosis Add
3010 Assessment methodology Add
3020 Assessment of target groups, populations Add
3030 Anthropometrics, body composition Add
3040 Food consumption, fluid balance Add
3050 Feeding, swallowing, dentition Add
3060 Laboratory tests Add
3070 Pharmacological, drug/nutrient, herbal interaction Add
3080 Physical: blood pressure, pulse, bowel sounds Add
3090 Screening parameters, methodology, and surveillance Add
3100 Supplemental nutrients, botanicals Add
4000 Wellness and public health Add
4010 Community intervention, monitoring, and evaluation Add
4020 Community program development Add
4030 Dietary guidelines, DRIs, Choose My Plate, food labeling Add
4040 Disease prevention Add
4050 Epidemiology Add
4060 Exercise, fitness, and sports nutrition Add
4070 Food security and hunger Add
4080 Government-funded Food & Nutrition Programs Add
4090 Health behaviors: smoking cessation, stress management Add
4100 Social Marketing Add
4110 Vegetarianism Add
4120 Life Cycle Add
4125 Patient-centered medical home Add
4130 Pregnancy Add
4140 Lactation Add
4150 Infancy & Childhood Add
4160 Adolescence Add
4170 Men's health Add
4180 Women's health Add
4190 Elderly nutrition Add
5000 Medical Nutrition Therapy Add
5010 Acute Add
5020 Ambulatory Add
5030 Home care Add
5040 Long-term, intermediate, assisted living Add
5050 Rehabilitation Add
5060 Neonates Add
5070 Pediatrics Add
5080 Adolescents Add
5090 Adults Add
5100 Elderly Add
5110 Allergies, sensitivities Add
5120 Autoimmune diseases, arthritis, lupus Add
5125 Bariatric Surgery Add
5130 Bone diseases, osteoporosis Add
5140 Burns Add
5150 Cancer Add
5160 Cardiovascular disease Add
5170 Critical care, trauma Add
5180 Developmental disorders Add
5190 Diabetes mellitus Add
5200 Disordered eating Add
5210 Dysphagia Add
5220 Gastrointestinal disorders Add
5230 Hematological disorders, anemia Add
5240 Hepatic disorders Add
5250 HIV/AIDS Add
5260 Hypertension Add
5270 Infectious diseases Add
5280 Nutrient deficiencies, Failure to thrive Add
5285 Malnutrition, Failure to thrive Add
5290 Metabolic disorders, Inborn errors Add
5300 Neurological: stroke, Alzheimer's, dementia, Parkinson's spinal cord injuries Add
5310 Pregnancy complication Add
5320 Psychiatric disorders, anxiety Add
5330 Pulmonary diseases Add
5340 Renal diseases Add
5350 Substance abuse, alcoholism Add
5360 Transplantation Add
5370 Weight management, obesity Add
5380 Wound care Add
5390 Care planning, documentation, and evaluation Add
5400 Case management Add
5410 Client protocols, clinical guidelines Add
5420 Complementary care, alternative therapies Add
5430 End of life care Add
5440 Enteral and parenteral nutrition support Add
5450 Feeding equipment, tube placement, adaptive utensils Add
5460 Self-care management Add
6000 Education, Training, and Counseling Add
6010 Behavior change theories, techniques Add
6020 Counseling, therapy, and facilitation skills Add
6030 Education theories and techniques for adults Add
6040 Education theories and techniques for children and adolescents Add
6050 Instructional materials development Add
6060 Learning needs assessment, learning plan development, and evaluation Add
6070 Interviewing and listening skills Add
6080 Training, coaching, and mentoring Add
7000 Business and Management Add
7010 Business plan development Add
7020 Conflict management Add
7030 Contract management Add
7040 Consultation Add
7050 Customer focus Add
7060 Emergency and disaster management Add
7070 Entrepreneurship, private practice Add
7080 Financial management Add
7090 Human resources management, labor relations Add
7100 Institution/regulatory policies and procedures, HCFA, OBRA, Joint Commission, NCQA, OSHA, USDA Add
7110 Legal issues, malpractice Add
7120 Marketing Add
7130 Managed care Add
7140 Materials management Add
7150 Negotiation Add
7160 Quality management Add
7170 Reimbursement, coverage Add
7180 Strategic planning Add
7190 Supervision, crisis management Add
7200 Team building Add
7210 Sales, merchandising Add
8000 Food Service Systems and Culinary Arts Add
8010 Child and Adult Food Programs Add
8015 Cultural/ethnic food and culinary practices Add
8018 Environmental, agricultural and technologic influences on food systems Add
8020 Equipment management Add
8030 Facilities layout, planning and design Add
8035 Food anthropology Add
8040 Food safety, HACCP, and sanitation Add
8050 Food distribution and service Add
8060 Culinary skills and techniques Add
8070 Food production, quantity purchasing Add
8080 Food styling and food presentation Add
8090 Menu planning and development, nutrient analysis Add
8100 Food and recipe development and modification Add
8110 School foodservice Add
8120 Sales, merchandising Add
8130 Sensory perception and evaluation of foods and ingredients Add
9000 Research and Grants Add
9010 Data analysis, statistics Add
9020 Evaluation and application of research Add
9030 Outcomes research, cost-benefit analysis Add
9040 Proposal development, grant applications Add
9050 Publication, communications of research outcomes Add
9060 Research development and design Add
9070 Research instruments and techniques Add