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What does CDRs prior approval process look like?
Why should an organization/provider submit for prior approval?
  • CDR Credentialed Practitioners are drawn to activities that have received prior approval by CDR because this indicates that the activity meets CDR CPE standards and will result in accepted CPEUs. Additionally, activities that have received prior approval can be searched for in the CPE Database.
Who can submit an activity for prior approval?
  • Any organization and/or individual can apply to submit for prior approval.  
  • To apply to be a prior approved activity provider, please click here (Note - CDR reviews and approves all applications within 2-3 business days) 
  • It is up to the individual organization to determine who submits the activities for prior approval. The individual responsible for activity submission should be listed as the main provider contact.  
Does the speaker have to be an RD or DTR?
  • No, the speaker does not have to be an RD or DTR. However, the speaker and/or instructor must demonstrate relevant expertise by:
    • Academic degree from a United States regionally accredited college or university, or
    • Foreign academic degree verified by an independent foreign degree evaluation agency, or
    • Publications in peer review journals, or
    • Presentations at scientific meetings, or
    • Accredited certifications 
  • Note: if the activity is diet or nutrition related, a CDR credentialed practitioner must be involved in the program planning.  
How do I know how many CEUs to request?
  • 1 CEU is equivalent to 1 hour of educational time 
  • You can calculate the total hours of your activity and then request the equivalent amount of CEUs. Please note that the hours on the timing outline will be reviewed once the activity is submitted. CEUs will be adjusted if needed.  
  • CEU Equivalents: 
Examples of When to Round Down:
1 hour - 1 hour 7 minutes1 CEU
1 hour 16 minutes - 1 hour 22 minutes1.25 CEUs
1 hour 31 minutes - 1 hour 37 minutes1.5 CEUs
1 hour 46 minutes - 1 hour 52 minutes1.75 CEUs
Examples of When to Round Up:
1 hour 8 minutes - 1 hour and 15 minutes1.25 CEUs
1 hour 23 minutes - 1 hour 30 minutes1.5 CEUs
1 hour 38 minutes - 1 hour 45 minutes1.75 CEUs
1 hour 53 minutes - 2 hours2 CEUs


Can my conference/series by submitted as one activity?
  • If the intention is for the participants to attend all the sessions prior to receiving the certificate of completion, then the sessions can be entered as one activity. 
  • If the participants can pick and choose which sessions they attend, then each session should be entered individually.
I can't upload my document(s) within the activity application. What do I do?
  • If you are unable to upload a document, please email the activity number and the document to 
  • Please note - activities can only be modified when the status of the activity is listed as "returned for update" 
What activity type is my activity?
Why am I being charged a fee?
  • CDR always reviews self-study activities, multi-state activities (i.e. live webinars), annual meetings, and ethics activities. These activities will always be subject to the application fee.  
  • Fee Structure:
    • Activity worth 1 – 10 CEUs = $30/Activity Submission
    • Activity worth 11 or more CEUs = $60/Activity Submission 
  • Payments must be made through the online system by credit card. CDR does not accept purchase orders (POs) as a form of payment for CPEU activity applications. Please note this fee covers the review of all activities. Should your event be canceled, the review fee will not be refunded. 
Where can I find my invoice/receipt?
  • Your invoice or receipt can be found in your CPE Provider account under the "Invoices" tab.  
  • You can click view/print receipt 
How long does it take for my activity to be reviewed?
My activity isn't approved yet, what do I tell my participants?
  • If your activity is not approved by the date of the live activity, you can let participants know that the activity is, "Pending CDR approval for "X" CEUs." 
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