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DTRs in the Workplace

Employers who want to better utilize and/or integrate DTRs into their workplace should refer to the 8 sample position descriptions (PDs) provided. They have been written with consideration of the DT education and training curriculum, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Standards of Practice (SOP), and Standards of Professional Performance (SOPP).

These draft PDs are focused in 5 employment settings and serve to educate colleagues and other health professionals on the qualifications, competence, roles and technical services provided by DTRs. They also reflect the essential role of the DTR in the direction and delivery of safe, quality food and nutrition services while defining the extent to which DTRs can function autonomously, particularly in clinical settings.

DTR Brochures – to Show and Share

CDR designed four emphasis brochures depicting DTRs in specific work settings, and shared them with potential employers. Contact CDR to request additional copies (up to 25), or print the one(s) that are of interest to you and possible employers.

Informational Videos about DTRs

Don’t miss viewing these informative videos about the DTR credential.

  • What are the benefits of becoming a DTR?
  • The DTR can be a stepping stone towards becoming an RD
  • Why should employers hire DTRs?

Dietetics Program Graduates Have Options

CDR created this poster that summarizes possible employment settings and opportunities that DTRs can pursue. Contact CDR to request a copy or print this poster from your desktop


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