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How does a practitioner record a CPEU activity for credit?
How does a practitioner determine the correct activity type?
How does a practitioner determine if an activity is eligible for CPEUs?
How does a practitioner determine the sphere and competency to select when logging for CPEUs?
  • Upon completion of a CPEU activity, practitioners will log the activity and CPEUs on their online Activity Log. Practitioners will chose a competency from the dropdown list that describes how the activity enhanced their skill, behavior, performance, abilities, attitudes - competence. The competency selected is up to the practitioner. 
  • Resources to assist with sphere and competency selection include:  
  • Sphere and Competency FAQ 
Where can a practitioner find a CDR approved CPEU activity?
  • Resources to assist with finding a CDR approved CPEU activity include:
  • Accredited Provider List: The Accredited Provider list includes all CDR CPE Accredited Providers.  
  • CPEU Database: The CPEU Database allows practitioners to search for activities by activity type, activity title/key words, provider, etc. This can help a practitioner narrow down activities that work within their Learning Plan, areas of interest, and their schedule/availability.  
  • Ethics Requirement: The ethics requirement webpage includes ethics CPEU resources. Note, practitioners are required to complete at least 1 CPEU related to ethics within their 5-year cycle. This activity should be logged under Sphere 1: Ethics.  
  • Jointly Accredited Providers: RDs and DTRs may now source dietetics-related continuing education from any Jointly Accredited Provider regardless of target profession if the learning relates to the Competencies on one's Step 1 Learning Plan.
How often can a practitioner submit their Activity Log for CDR review?
  • The Activity Log can be submitted a maximum of twice per 5-year cycle:
  • Optional Midpoint Submission: 
  • This review is possible when a practitioner has logged between 30 and 74 CPEUs (between 30 and 49 for DTRs) and is submitted prior to December 1 of the last year of the practitioners' 5-year cycle.  
  • Mandatory Final submission
  • A minimum of 75 CPEUs, including 1 CPEU in ethics (RD) or 50 CPEUs, including 1 CPEU in ethics (DTR) must be recorded and all activities must be completed by 5/31 of the last year of the recertification cycle. Practitioners have until the grace period deadline of 11:59pm CST on June 30th of the last year of their cycle to submit the completed Activity Log. 
  • Note: Practitioners should refrain from early submission if they need access to their Log through the duration of their 5-year PDP recertification cycle (i.e., if a practitioner utilizes the Log to track CPEUs for other purposes such as state licensure). Activities cannot be added to an approved Log. 
What is the green upload button on the Activity Log?
  • Optional upload is a new feature in the Activity Log for practitioners to upload supporting audit documentation. Practitioners are not required to upload supporting documentation unless notified that they are randomly selected for audit. Suggested supporting documentation for each activity type can be found in the PDP Guide.  
  • To upload documentation, please complete the following steps:
  • Log into your myCDR account.
  • Select "Record Activities" next to the blue #2 circle found on the myCDR Dashboard.
  • Click the green "upload" button in the right-hand column next to the activity.
  • Click "select a document" and select the document from your computer. 
  • Click "save document."
  • Click "save" at the bottom to save the activity.   
What happens if a CPEU is denied and total CPEUs falls below 75(RD)/50(DTR) during final submission?
  • If the results of the final submission are received prior to 5/31 of the last year of the practitioners recertification cycle, CDR can unsubmit the Activity Log. The practitioner will have until 5/31 of the last year of their recertification cycle to complete more activities and resubmit the Activity Log. Practitioners have until the grace period deadline of 11:59 pm CST on June 30th of the last year of their cycle to submit the completed Activity Log. 
  • If the results of final submission are received after 5/31 of the last year of the recertification cycle and the practitioner does not have additional CPEUs completed prior to 5/31, an appeal will need to be submitted requesting an extension of the recertification deadline 
Can a practitioner earn CPEUs before their next 5-cycle begins?
  • For practitioners who have completed their recertification requirements early, CDR has a process to allow CPE activities completed in the final 75 days of one's 5-year cycle to now be posted toward the practitioner's coming 5-year cycle. Note that Head Start activities are to be entered on the Activity Log for the upcoming cycle. 
  • This head start program pertains exclusively to activities completed in the final 75 days of a practitioner’s current recertification cycle (known as the Head Start Period) only when all of the following criteria have been met:
  • Practitioners must have successfully completed all CPEU requirements for their current cycle (75 CPEUs for RDs, 50 CPEUs for DTRs, with at least one Ethics-related activity).
  • Practitioners must have submitted their online Step 2: Activity Log for the current cycle no later than March 17 of the final year of their recertification cycle in order to be eligible for the CPEU Head Start.
  • The CPEUs must be attained during the Head Start Period (between March 17 and May 31).
  • RDs may record up to 15 CPEUs and DTRs may record up to 10 CPEUs earned during the last 75 days of their recertification cycle towards their next cycle, which begins June 1.
  • All CPEUs from a given activity must be logged. CPEUs from one activity cannot be credited across multiple recertification cycles. 
  • Note: All practitioners with an approved Activity Log may submit their Learning Plan as early as 75 days before their new 5-year recertification cycle begins (March 17th), regardless of eligibility for the Head Start program.
How long does a practitioner need to keep their supporting documentation?
  • CDR recommends that practitioners keep all supporting documentation for 2-years beyond the end of their 5-year cycle. For example, if the cycle ends May 31, 2022, documentation should be maintained until May 31, 2024. 

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