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New Activity Log Entry Feature!  

CDR Prior Approved activities can now be easily recorded in the Activity Log with Auto Entry. When adding an activity, practitioners will be prompted to enter the activity's 6-digit CDR Prior Approval Number. An activity's Prior Approval Number can be found in CDR's CPE Database.  

The activity type, title, and provider will populate. Practitioners will need to enter the date of activity completion, select a sphere and competency, enter the CPEU value, and write a short impact statement before clicking save. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to document CPE activities. 

Effective August 9, 2023, CDR will release three policy changes that will immediately impact all CDR Credentialed RDs and DTRs.

Click here to learn about changes to CDR's Nutrition and Diet Topics definition, Exclusions List for RD/DTRs in CPE program planning, and Activity Type 140 definition.

  • Update! Update to CDR recognized certification
    • The Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian (CEDRD) is now the Certified Eating Disorder Specialist (CEDS). Effective August 2022, the following has been updated within all CDR Credentialed Practitioner's Activity Log:
      • OLD:
        • 550: IAEDP - Certified Eating Disorders Registered Dietitian (initial exam) 75 CPEUs
        • 551: IAEDP - Certified Eating Disorders Registered Dietitian (recertification) 50 CPEUS
      • NEW:
        • 550: IAEDP: Certified Eating Disorder Specialist (intial exam) 75 CPEUs
        • 551: IAEDP: Certified Eating Disorder Specialist (recertification) 50 CPEUs 
  • New! Nutrition Wound Care Certified (NWCC) through the National Alliance of Wound Care and Ostomy┬«
    • Effective June 1, 2022, CDR Credentialed Practitioners can claim:
      • 75 CPEUs under activity type 386: NAWCO - Nutrition Wound Care Certified (initial exam) for successful completion of the initial certification, and
      • 50 CPEUs under activity type 387: NAWCO - Nutrition Wound Care Certified (recertification) for recertification of the NWCC credential. 
  • Update! 120-day rule
    • Effective March 2021, CDR terminated the 120-day Rule. Once the Learning Plan has been submitted, practitioners can access the Activity Log. Any CPEUs completed during a practitioners' 5-year cycle that meets CDR activity type specifications, can be logged for CPEUs.
  • Update! Activity Type 175: Recorded Pre-Approved CPEs
    • CDR has expanded CPEU limits for activity type 175 (Recorded Pre-approved CE) from 45 CPEUs for RDs, 30 CPEUs for DTRs to 50 CPEUs for RDs and 33 CPEUs for DTRs for all cycles currently active. 
    • Please note that in order for a recording to be eligible for credit, the recorded presentation must have been either pre-approved by CDR for credit when it was presented live or offered by one of CDR's accredited CPE providers. In addition, the recording must be listened to/viewed within 3 years of the original date of the live presentation (e.g., a recording of a presentation given on September 15, 2016, could be viewed for credit through September 14, 2019.)
  • Don't miss important news or risk credential lapse! Is your email current?
    • As of 7/1/2021, CDR is discontinuing and/or limiting physically mailed PDP-related communications. 
    • To stay in touch with deadlines and to receive important notices from CDR, please ensure that you can receive emails from the following CDR outboxes:
    • Please note that some employers block CDR's communications.
    • CDR recommends utilizing a private account. Be sure that CDR's emails are not firewalled or sent to "spam" or non-primary inboxes.
    • Please login and click "Profile" on the left side of your myCDR Dashboard to confirm your email.
  • NEW! Competency Plan Builder

The Commission on Dietetic Registration is pleased to announce the quick-click Competency Plan Builder - a new, user-friendly digital tool that creates your personalized, continuing professional education (CPE) Learning Plan. It will help you identify practice areas of focus (Spheres) and select from the new Essential Practice Competencies that apply to all practitioners

All CDR Credentialed practitioner will have the option to use the Builder to update their plan with the new Essential Practice Competencies. Please note this is optional, however you will no longer have access to the Goal Wizard to make Plan edits. These updates will not impact activities already logged during your 5-year cycle. 

Build Your Plan:



Access to Competency Plan Builder:

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  • NEW! Expanded CE Options - Joint Accreditation for Interprofessional Continuing Education
    • CDR's recently established associate membership with Joint Accreditation for Interprofessional Continuing Education means that RDs and DTRs will have expanded options and opportunities to benefit from high quality continuing education. 
    • RDs and DTRs may now source dietetics-related continuing education from any Jointly Accredited Provider regardless of target profession if the learning relates to the competencies in one's Step 1 Learning Plan.
  • NEW! Logging Activities from Jointly Accredited Providers - Use Activity Type 102 
    • CDR has created Activity Type 102 as a means for RDs and DTRs to log completed activities acquired from Jointly Accredited Providers. Jointly Accredited Providers offer activities in various formats that may or may not align with CDRs activity type definitions. Activity Type 102 is to be used regardless of format or type.
    • Credits are to be claimed based on contact hours. One (60 minute) hour is equivalent to 1 CPEU.
  • NEW! Quarter Hour (.25) CPEU Credit Counting
    • Starting August 1, 2020, RDs and DTRs will be able to claim credits in ┬╝ hour (.25) CPEU designations. When necessary, please round to the nearest quarter-hour. Retroactively adjusting credits completed prior to August 1st is NOT required. Please note that activities are (typically) to be a minimum of one (1) contact hour in length.
  • Update! Activity Type 205: Research
    • CDR has revised Activity Type 205: Research definition to include the acceptance of Primary Research as outlined in the Evidence Analysis Library. This definition has been updated in the most update to date PDP Guide (2021-2026) and applies to all active cycles. 
      • Revised Definition: "Conducting primary research as a sole, principal, or co-investigator can be awarded CPEUs. An investigator is defined as one who participates substantially in the conception and design of the work and the analysis of data as well as in the writing of the report. Primary research as outlined in the Evidence Analysis Library Includes - Randomized Controlled Trials, Cluster Randomized Trial, Randomized Crossover Trial, Prospective Cohort Study, Retrospective Cohort Study, Non-Randomized Controlled Trial, Non-Randomized Crossover Trial, Case-Control Study, Time Series Study, Reliability Study, Non-Controlled Trial, Case Study or Case Series, Other Descriptive Study, Cross-Sectional Study, Trend Study, Before-After Study; systematic reviews with or without meta-analyses are also considered research for this activity type. The research must have been conducted after the investigator has become an RDN or RD, or NDTR or DTR. Research completed to fulfill academic requirements would receive credit as 100: Academic Coursework, while reading reviews designed primarily to summarize the findings of others would receive credit under 200: Professional Reading. However, completing a meta-analysis that identifies new trends or ideas based on data from other studies would be awarded CPEUs in the Research category. Required documentation must be completed within the current recertification cycle to receive credit."
  • Update! Activity Type 130: Exhibits
    • CDR has revised Activity Type 130: Exhibits to expand the maximum CPEUs for virtual exhibits that include interactive experiences, professional materials for review and download, live chat and engagement with vendors to align with current PDP guidelines of 15 CPEUs for RDs and 10 CPEUs for DTRs in a five-year cycle.
  • Update! Activity Type 180: Posters
    • CDR has revised Activity Type 180: Posters to include e-poster sessions with the same standards outlined in the PDP Guide as live poster sessions. 


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