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What are the necessary requirements to maintain registration with CDR?
  • For a brief tutorial video on the recertification basics, please click here
  • To maintain registration with the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR), RDs and DTRs are required to complete the following:
  •  Yearly Requirements:
  • Maintain current contact information (email, mail, phone) with CDR.
  • Pay the yearly registration maintenance fee. Practitioners are billed at the beginning of June and payments are due on August 31. 
  • Note: Practitioners have the option to pay for the full 5-years at the beginning of a 5-year cycle. 
  • 5-year Cycle Requirements:
  • File and/or maintain a current Learning Plan 
  • Complete required CPEUs (75 RDs/50 DTRs).
  • Note: One CPEU must be related to ethics
  • Submit the completed Activity Log to CDR. 
  • All activities and the Activity Log must be submitted by May 31 of the end of the practitioners' 5-year cycle. 
Where can a CDR Credentialed Practitioner locate their 5-year cycle dates?
  • 5-year cycle dates can be located within a practitioners myCDR account. Once logged in, the cycle dates are located at the top of the PDP dashboard (see below).
  • If a practitioner completes their registration examination after June 1, they will gain additional time within the first 5-year cycle. 
  • For example, if a practitioner passes the examination on September 1, 2022, the 5-year cycle would end May 31, 2028. 
  • The 5-year cycle dates cannot be modified. If a practitioner completes a 5-year cycle early, they will need to wait until the next 5-year cycle before being able to start the PDP requirements. 

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What PDP Requirements need to be completed during a 5-year recertification cycle?
  • File and/or maintain a Learning Plan using the Competency Plan Builder
  • Complete required CPEUs (75 RDs/50 DTRs).
  • Note: At least 1 CPEU must relate to ethics.
  • Document all completed CPEUs on the online Activity Log found within a practitioners myCDR account.
  • Submit the Activity Log to CDR.
  • Note: CDR strongly recommends that Learning Plans and Activity Logs be submitted by May 31st of the last year of the 5-year recertification cycle. However, CDR will accept Plans and Logs as late as 11:59 PM Central Time on June 30th of the final year of a recertification cycle. All activities must be completed by May 31st of the final year.
How many continuing professional education units (CPEUs) must be completed every 5-years?
  • Dietitian Technicians, Registered: 50 CPEUs, including 1 CPEU related to ethics
  • Registered Dietitians: 75 CPEUs, including 1 CPEU related to ethics
Where are ethics CPEU resources located?

Ethics resources can be found on CDRs Ethics CPEU Requirement Resources page

Does CDR have a retired dietitian or dietitian technician, registered status?
  • No, CDR does not have a retired status. Practitioners either maintain the credentials through paying the yearly registration fee and completing the PDP recertification requirements or drop the credentials.
  • Note: If a practitioner drops the credential, the only way to have the credentials reinstated is through successful completion of the entry level examination.
  • PRACTICE TIPS: Considerations for Retired Credentialed Practitioners
What should a practitioner do if they need an extension or miss the PDP deadline dates?
  • If a practitioner misses the PDP deadline date, there are two options to pursue credential reinstatement:
  • Option 1: Submit an appeal to be considered by CDR's Appeals Panel
  • Option 2: Retake and pass the entry level RD or DTR examination. 
  • To move forward with the appeals process, a practitioner must complete the appeals application found within their myCDR account under the “Submit or View Appeal” tab. For additional information on how to submit an appeal, please refer to the following information:
  • Appeals Information & Important Dates
  • Appeal Application Tutorial Video
  • Appeal Application Step-by-Step Instructions
  • The Panel tends to grant positive outcomes to individuals who have experienced medical, legal, or financial hardships and can provide corroborating third-party supporting documentation. Without any of the hardships mentioned above and/or supporting documentation, the appellant may not receive the positive outcome desired.
  • The Appeals Panel deliberates and decides on appeal requests once a month. Appeals are prepared and presented confidentially to the Panel (names are redacted).
  • If the practitioner is interested in retaking the RD or DTR entry level examination, please contact
How does a practitioner request verification of exam results, credentials, and/or CPEUs for State Licensure?


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